Do This One Thing and You’ll be 10X More Likely to Achieve Your 2024 Goals.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Achieve Your 2024 Goals

Happy New Year!

Do you know how to ensure that you can Achieve Your 2024 Goals?

You might have career goals, health goals, money goals, significant-other-relationship goals, fun and recreation goals, personal growth goals, physical environment goals, as well as important family and friend goals. We all have multiple goals, but you need to focus on your top 2-3 goals for 2024 in order to Achieve Your 2024 Goals.

The sad but true fact is that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Goals, according to the latest survey from Forbes Health. Do you want to be in the 8% club? I can certainly help you.

By simply writing down your goals you will greatly improve your goal achievement rate: from 8% to 39.9%. Believe it or not, this is accomplished just by writing down your goals and occasionally reviewing them.

However, if you truly want to fully reach your goals, you should plan on having an accountability partner. This is important. By simply having another person working with you, your goal achievement will increase to a whopping 76.7%. Now, isn’t that amazing? That’s a 10X return!

Today (January 10th) is a special day for me: I turn “double nickels” (55)—which is why I want to offer YOU a special New Years/Birthday gift to help you get your 2024 starting strong. On my birthday, I want YOU to get a gift!

Here’s how to get your birthday present…

You see, I’m very excited about the launch of my new website: and I want to share the excitement with you. Which is why I’d love to thank the first 5 people who sign up on my new site for a (normally) 15-Minute “Mini-Consult” will get a Free Upgrade to a 30-Minute “Deluxe Mini-Consult”.

And if you’re not one of the first 5, that’s okay. Everyone who signs up for a Mini-Consult with me will also be entered into a drawing for a Free 1-Hour “Deep Dive Consultation” session where you’ll walk away with a detailed action plan to achieve your most important goals in 2024!

Whether we talk for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, I’ll give you my very best on our call to appreciate and support you.

Thanks for checking out my website (comments welcome)!

I am an expert in Networking and Goal Setting, especially in the Medical Device Industry, and look forward to seeing how I can most support you on your consultation call!

With gratitude and best wishes!
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker
(781) 872-1045

P.S. If you want to effectively “Network for the New Year,” I am presenting a complimentary webinar for the Medical Development Group of Boston (MDG) on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 from 6 to 7pm EST. To register for the session, visit As your trusted advisor, Lisa empowers you to use passion to live your best life and achieve your goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.

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