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Motivation Now Book“Lisa Sasso’s Motivation Now is a wonderful and uplifting book that you will love to read for the inspiring messages and the engaging tools!”

– Marshall Goldsmith, Influential Leadership Thinker and #1 Executive Coach in the World according to Thinkers50. New York Times Best Selling Author of Triggers, MOJO and What Got you Here Won’t Get You There”

“Motivation Now! Is monthly motivation and reflections on what matters and what keeps us going when we need it most. We all need the reminder and Lisa does a great job walking us through our year with her insights. She made it personal and practical.”

– Darren LaCroix, CSP, World Champion Speaker

“Motivation Now is a must read!!! Motivation Now! is an easy to read book filled with truly inspirational stories and tips that will empower you to become or stay motivated to achieve personal and career success! Lisa has found a special way to connect with her readers. You will find yourself going back to this book time and time again!” JoAnne Curran, Supervisor, Paul G. Burns, M. D.

“Lisa Sasso’s Motivation Now! Inspirational Messages is not only an excellent book for goal setting but also for living a balanced professional/personal life. It helps you set your yearly goals and gives you great messages/tips on a month-by-month basis. Plus, it stresses the importance of family via Lisa’s enjoyable and triumphant life experiences.”

– Brian Reardon, Account Manager, Pro Source, Inc.

“I have never met anyone as passionate and positive as Lisa Sasso. Reading her book is like having Lisa right beside you, encouraging and empowering you to strive for the life you want, the life you deserve. Lisa’s enthusiasm on each page is contagious. I especially like how Lisa’s book is broken down into chapters for each month of the year, each with a renewing focus. We all have great intentions and lofty goals in January, but what about the other eleven months? Each chapter is like a New Year re-boot. I also like the book’s focus on family and work/life balance. Lisa’s writings remind us of one of the many benefits of success: the freedom to spend time with loved ones. Lisa discusses the need to recharge our batteries and to cherish every moment. This book is a great tool to keep close at hand all year long. During any time of the year, if you need to refocus, open this book and get the encouraging and wise coaching you need.”

– Nadene Jusczak, Inventory Specialist, SRP Companies.

“Motivation Now!is a great reminder to revisit your earlier hopes and dreams, build a plan, work the plan, and involve your family, friends, heroes, mentors, clients, coaches, and accountability partners in your journey to achieving success. Also to remember to say “Thank you” to God, your family, clients, and your team for holding you up so that you can achieve your goals. Set clear goals,rework the defining metrics of the goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Then, come New Year’s Eve – celebrate the success you have achieved.

Motivation Now!awakens the dormant dreamer and planner in all of us, and nudges us to redefine our life goals, while including and appreciating those around us who are key to our success.”

– Janet Dray, MBA, Account Manager, Philips Corporation                                                

“Lisa writes a beautiful book of positivity, hope and gratitude! With monthly themes, she artfully weaves her enduring inspirations with personal stories and thought-provoking messages. This book invites you to reflect and tap into your own inner resources. A must read!”

– Darlene Corbett, Keynote Speaker and Success Coach

“Lisa lovingly conveys a year’s worth of helpful nuggets to help you live a more balanced, successful life. She shares a peek into her family life and uses everyday examples that are relevant to us all.”

– Jennifer O’Keefe, CEO, Glikstorm LLC

“Many of us tend to forget to enjoy what we already have in our lives—and this book is a must read for anyone seeking to better understand how career and life balance are the key towards achieving true success. All readers, regardless of their cultural background or professional achievement, will find a breadth of motivational information about how to attain a more satisfying, balanced life.”

– Chris Kokkinos, Product Development Executive, Location Inc.

“If you want to live a fulfilling life each and every day, then read Motivation Now! Lisa will inspire your heart to what and who matters most in your life. The motivation is provided through beautiful personal examples from Lisa – examples that become personal to you through the simple reflection moments provided. A life-changing journey awaits!”

– Randy Fox – Keynote Speaker, Author of A Leader Worth Following

“Lisa is the most compassionate motivational person I have ever met.  In this book, Lisa emphasizes that PASSION + BALANCE = SUCCESS.  This has always been true in my life (my values are GOD-FAMILY-WORK!).  This balance keeps me grounded on what is important; Lisa covers this topic very well.  This book also reflects my perspective that friendship with grace, honesty and integrity will last a lifetime.  Your attitude in life is what you make it; sometimes we need a push of motivation to remember that.”

– Ken Williams, Account Manager, Cardinal Health

“Lisa shares motivational insights through her inspiring personal stories. The quote she includes at the start of each chapter adds a thoughtful connection to the chapter’s message. She does a great job of offering the reader the opportunity for reflection as she shares her own journey of inspiration!”

– Cathy MacPherson, Owner, Cathy MacPherson Golf 

“I loved the book and would highly recommend it to others.  Lisa conveyed lessons learned with very real and personal situations.  She motivated me and made me realize how I could use her book to motivate others.  I plan on gifting my Senior Leadership Team with copies of Motivation Now! this upcoming Christmas.  Lisa style was fun-loving and genuine on the pages; it is exactly how Lisa is in person.  She rocks.”

– Joan Maimonis, Tupperware Executive Business Leader

“Can you spare ten minutes to help improve your life? That’s about all the time you’ll need to read each chapter of “Motivation Now! – Inspirational Messages to Keep you Motivated All Year” by Lisa Sasso. Each chapter combines “hacks” for building life skills, visualization techniques, real-world examples and even sports analogies gleaned from the author’s own personal and professional life. Each essay is designed to help the reader approach his or her own issues with a sense of perspective and to chart a path forward to a more fulfilling life. Motivation Now!”

– Craig Lazinsky, Marketing and Communications Professional

“I’ve always believed in many of the messages outlined in “Motivation Now! – Inspirational Messages to Help Keep you Motivated All Year.”  Author Lisa Sasso modifies and improves on these beliefs in a series of easy-to-digest monthly writings to help the reader consciously choose an upbeat attitude, acceptance of life’s challenges, and develop creative techniques to channel positive energy toward building a fulfilling life. This is well-worth the time to reflect and actualize Lisa’s heart-felt messages.”

– Robert L. Tosi, Jr., Care Manager

“Motivation Now! provides a refreshing way to organize and motivate yourself, by month, season, and topic, for personal and professional success.   With valuable stories and quotes to portray the values and tools to work through the issues we face every day, one is encouraged to reflect, internalize and record your thoughts and interpretations that then serve as your own motivators for success. It’s an easy read and a fun way to look at things to move forward on the continuous path to achieving success on multiple levels.”

– Sara Dolinsky, Marketing Executive

“MOTIVATION NOW! by Lisa Sasso is a fantastic tool for organizing your life and your priorities.  By incorporating real-life experiences with crisp and analytical leadership tools and messages, readers will be positively impacted and influenced to lead better lives. MOTIVATION NOW! is a great read!”

– Ed Evarts, Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author of Raise Your Visibility & Value: Unlock the Lost Art of Connecting on the Job

“What a wonderful way to begin each month, being reminded of the most important things in life.  This book facilitates introspection with questions like “How lucky or blessed are you right now?” in February and “What are you most proud of?” in September.  Whatever month it is, buy Motivation Now! and bring joy and appreciation to your next twelve months!”

– Eric Bloom, Executive Director, IT Management & Leadership Institute

“I love how in Motivation Now! Lisa has taught me to reflect on things, especially the good things in life. Lisa describes how focus and purpose leads to success and happiness.  Lisa leaves you feeling wonderful with many personal, heartfelt stories and quotes.  My favorite quote was “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Lisa and her terrific book “cares”. The book was a page turner that I could not put down.  Thank you Lisa for writing such a sensible, thoughtful book.”

– Kevin Patrick Seaver, Esq., The Law Office of Kevin Patrick Seaver

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Motivation Now! by Lisa Sasso. It was easy to read, well organized, and quite thought provoking, too. We all have busy lives, especially at certain time of the year (seasonal holidays and other annual celebrations). These special moments throughout the year should give us time to ponder and reflect, and to consider how blessed and grateful we are. Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when things aren’t exactly going as we imagined. Lisa suggests taking your hopes and dreams and turning them into personal or professional goals, taking one day at a time, and being grateful for what we have achieved. We should celebrate all the small victories in our lives!”

– Judy Isaacson, Executive Consultant, Vital Now!

“Motivation Now” provides an engaging balance of personal stories, thoughtful analysis, and specific recommendations for creating a well-balanced, successful life over the course of a year.  I teach Time Management and Productivity, so I really appreciate Lisa’s organized 12-month structure, with an inspirational quote at the beginning of each chapter setting the tone for that month’s lesson, and a space for reflections at the end providing a catalyst for planning follow-up activities each month.  This book provides personal, thoughtful coaching for keeping motivated to live a successful, well-balanced life throughout your year.”

– Maryann Murphy, MSW, Certified Professional Organizer, Productivity Speaker, and Creator of “28 Days to Time Management Success”

“I enjoyed reading the book, Motivation Now!  There are a lot of coaches with books out there so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Lisa touched my heart.  She is authentic and real and it comes through in every picture that she includes of her beautiful family.

It’s July so of course, I started with July.  182 days left in the year.  I still have 182 days to make by 2017 goals a reality.  That was exactly the push I needed.  You reminded me to get focused again and get going.  Thanks, Lisa.  You set a great example for all of us.”

– Teresa Wallace, Executive Coach, Agility Leadership Coaching

“Offering inspiring tidbits and experiences from her own life, Lisa motivates readers to take positive actions to transform their own lives.”

– Joyce College, MBA, RN, AblaCor Medical Corporation

“Lisa, the “Coach”, is evidenced in her focused writing within each month’s motivational theme.  Success with a coach is achieved by executing the challenges provided from the coach’s experience.  Each month focuses on a personal challenge to me and a testimony of her personal experience.  As the months move forward, we have opportunity to be happier, successful, self-confident, professional, aware, and most importantly, inspirational to others.  Although the topics cycle through the Julian calendar, the lifelong benefits will require repeated reading.  Keep your copy of Motivation Now!  always close.”

– Clair Strohl, Jr., President, Strohl Product Engineering

“Lisa has created a guide for us to organize our values, behavior, and passions, which can then allow us to organize our work, career, relationships and leisure leading to the life we truly desire.

– Martin Sklar, CEO, AblaCor™ Medical Corporation

“In Motivation Now!  Lisa delivers uplifting messages and career advice throughout the year in an easily accessible book format.  The messages resonate with anyone experiencing career or personal transitions in their lives.”

– Joanne Meyer, MOT, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

“Motivation Now! is a truly amazing and powerful book that helped me put my life in perspective. It’s easy to apply Lisa’s experiences to my own life and I will use it as a go to guide over and over again. It’s a lighthearted, fun and easily to understandable read that allows me to refer back to specific motivational messages without needing a highlighter.”

– John Gruszecki, Carpenter 

“Within the pages of this small yet powerful book, Lisa gives practical, year-round motivational tips grounded in her own experiences as a wife, mother, and business owner. Life can sometimes become chaotic and overwhelming. Lisa’s gentle voice offers much needed perspective, helping us all re-center, refocus, and feel a sense of gratitude for the love we receive from family and friends. More importantly, Lisa helps us see and cherish the gift of love we offer those with whom we share our journeys. With Motivation Now!, Lisa shows us we are all part of the collective strength of a soaring eagle, and that no obstacle can keep us from achieving the true heights we dream of.”

– Lisa M. Dell’Anno, Esq.

“Motivation Now! is a thoughtfully comprised book of engaging and uplifting antidotes.  It is craft-fully broken up into months so that you can receive an inspirational message at a specific time of year when you need it most.  I like how at the end of each section you can personally reflect and make a connection to what the author is conveying.  In addition to its motivational messages, this book has many insightful stories, family pictures, and personal accounts- which allows the reader to become connected and know that they too can achieve that personal goal.  I highly recommend this book for its inspirational message and practical advice that can be easily implemented into your life.”

– Stacey Steinbergher, Elementary School Teacher, Grade Five, Mansfield Public Schools

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Motivation Now! I appreciated the monthly format and loved March-Luck Now!  I also loved the monthly quotes, my favorite being “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you’ll be a success” (Albert Schweitzer).   After reading Motivation Now! I was reminded of the many blessings in the people surrounding me and opportunities I have had in my life. Lisa’s reminders of having goals and remaining focused enhance these blessing and prepare you for even greater achievements.  As a fitness professional, I strive to help my clients see their potential, and I am confident Motivation Now! will be another tool to add to my repertoire. I love being able to write thoughts and reflections at the end of each chapter…. I plan to return to those and review the changes I have made (as well as changes I still need to make) as I read the book again and again. I plan to share Lisa’s inspirational messages and introspective exercises with my friends, family and clients by gifting them a copy of Motivation Now!”

– Syndie Lumb ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instr. 

Lisa shares open and honest thoughts, reflections, and emotions in Motivation Now! that spark an inner dialogue. Where am I now professionally and personally and where do I want to go? Using the inspiration of Lisa’s words, I can build my own vision and create the next action step to realize that vision. Carmen Mincy, Sales & Marketing Specialist.

Carmen Mincy
Customer service focused Sales & Marketing specialist. Delivering solutions for IT and business challenges.

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