Motivational Speaking

Lisa is a commanding motivational speaker who has delighted audiences including entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, working mothers, people in transition and college & high school students.

“Lisa’s presentation of “Follow Your Heart” at The Female Executive Club was inspirational for me. It helped me make a big life decision that follows my dreams. Trusting your heart and gut to do something you love is truly satisfying, if you have the right attitude something good will always come out of it. I’m happy to recommend Lisa to anyone seeking motivation. Thank you for sharing your advice and story Lisa.”

Deborah Newmark, Director of Operations & Contact Centers Asia Pacific

“I have watched Lisa at work in her leadership role at the Medical Development Group over the last 10+ years. She is an effective speaker who uses both her head and heart in bringing ideas across to her audience of professionals who share her commitment to developing clinicaly useful healthcare products.“

Phil Nachman Latest Med Device opportunities: VP Operations, Sr Quality Eng; Principal Elec Eng; Sr Mech Eng, Sr R&D Project Mgrs

“Lisa’s powerful personal story give credence to her message of setting personal, professional, and gratitude goals.  The fact that Lisa set goals for herself and was able to achieve them gives hope to others who need a way forward.   Lisa “lived” her message throughout her talk by expressing gratitude, being positive, and  reaching out to the attendees.  Those who attended walked away with a deeper understanding of how to begin defining what is important in their lives. I strongly recommend Lisa Sasso if you need a person who can help your group write appropriate goals and understand the goal setting process. “

Charlotte Wood, Wilmington Memorial Library

“Lisa is an intelligent and compassionate motivational speaker and executive coach that focuses on helping professionals develop in the medical device and life sciences fields. Whether you attend one of her regular speaking engagements at associations like MDG Boston or become one of her coaching clients, she ensures that everyone’s personal and professional life is enhanced. I highly recommend hiring her if you are looking to produce exceptional results in your life and career.”

Michael Krieger, President, End Business Consultants, Co-Founder, Health Innovators

She was a dynamic speaker and motivated her audience of high school young women to set achievable goals. High school girls can be a tough audience to captivate and Lisa successfully accomplished this by sharing stories and doing exercises with them. Feedback from the girls was so positive that some of the students have kept in touch with Lisa directly to keep her informed of the progress they are making in setting and achieving goals.”

Angela Rutzick, Co-Chair, Leadership in Action, Principal, Atype Marketing & Design

Lisa has presented on topics including Leadership, Goal Setting, Career Transitions, and even a business case study.  Her corporate experience includes leading national sales meetings, product launch presentations, physician advisory board meetings as well as company sponsored medical seminars.

Lisa’s speaking has been described on references and testimonials by many, below is a sampling of some recent speaking and presentation recommendations:

“Lisa’s presentation “Goal Setting for Success with Balance & Gratitude” was a powerful experiences for our members. Participants were able to reflect and identify their personal values and this informed the manner in which they developed goals. Lisa’s approachability, professionalism and content expertise made this workshop invaluable to those who participated.”

Margaux Manley Lima, National Vice President of Leadership & Alumnae Programming, Sigma Delta Tau

“As a professional speaker myself, I understand the challenges of effective communication. Not only is Lisa an experienced professional with knowledge and experience in the medical device world, she also possesses good presentation and facilitation skills; something that cannot be said about many others in this industry. In addition, I find Lisa to be a passionate person who works diligently to help others achieve the success she knows they are capable of – even if they don’t yet recognize it in themselves!”

Michael Drues, Ph.D., President, Vascular Sciences

“Whenever I see Lisa speak, she is a commanding figure, and has a manner that is open and responsive. She engages with the audience, solicits feedback, and can shift on the fly as needed. Despite her ability to act on her feet and improvise, her preparation is paramount. Lisa truly cares about her role as a role model, and as such, her passion comes through in spades when she commands the room.

Alan Raider, Manager, Sales & Solutions MedTech, EvaluatePharma USA, Inc,

“I was very impressed with her professionalism during our planning of the event and with her speaking abilities and passion at the event. At the event she not only presented but she also actively participating in the speed networking exercises before her presentation and was able to really connect with our attendees. We got overwhelmingly positive feedback from her speech and with the handouts she provided as take aways….She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a genuine love for what she does. I would highly recommend Lisa as a presenter.

Maryann Pinto, PMP, Assistant Vice President of Career Central, PMI MassBay Chapter

“Lisa is a warm, passionate and motivating speaker. She imparts energy and inspiration in her messages.  Lisa has an excellent manner in engaging the audience and is an effective communicator.”

Joyce College, MBA, RN, Director of Business Development, Automated Medical Instruments, Inc.

“Lisa demonstrates the poise of a gifted presenter when she addresses an audience from a podium.  Her poise, passion and creative delivery of each carefully prepared topic is remarkable.  Lisa is a speaker who takes the time to understand her audience and expectations fully, first, before extolling her message.  She prepares and always challenges these professional members in her audience to listen intently.  She mixes a keen grasp of the appropriate subject  – she address conversational as well as technical subjects – with ease, perspective and humor, which is mixed in each delivery.  This is a rare combination indeed.  Lisa’s clear, distinct messages are delivered with animation and active gestures – and received by each listener as warm, direct messaging – to each.  This is an exceptional gift.”

Richard O’Brien, Chair, MDG Program Central

“Lisa is articulate; engaging and commands a strong presence in front of a ‘crowd’.  She is able to explain complex concepts using real-life experience which brings the point ‘home’.  It’s obvious to any observer that Lisa is really smart and also knows how to listen.  This comes in handy during any Q&A portion of a meeting.  I know that Lisa can carry a large room full of people as well as a small intimate engagement, she’s terrific.”

Lyn Kaplan, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

“In August of every year since, Lisa has created and run a special program for those considering a career change into the medical device industry.  These sessions were  appropriate for a diverse group of attendees from all industries, sectors and job functions.  Lisa attracted both the newer professional who found that the medical device industry had more potential and satisfaction than their original industry choice, as well as seasoned professionals from other regulated industries, like aerospace, who needed to feel that their work was making a difference in another person’s life.  In addition to helping these people reinvent themselves in a new career and making the required life transitions, Lisa also encouraged them to start new businesses and explore their entrepreneurial side.”

Jerrold M. Shapiro, Ph.D., President and CEO, Fem-Medical LLC

“The first time, I heard Lisa speak was in August 2009 at the Medical Development Group’s networking meeting on Transitioning into the Medical Device Industry. The technique Lisa used to facilitate the session was the most effective I’ve seen in identifying commonalities between, and connecting attendees currently in the field with those looking to network and learn from them.  Lisa’s sincerity and authenticity in relating her personal career transition from a non-medical field was so encouraging that I waited in line to speak with her after her presentation. I came away convinced that I had found the right field, and subsequently became connected with the medical device field…as well as with the Medical Development Group.”

Sharon Herrman, District Manager – Medical, JD Medical, LLC.

“As speaker coordinator for one of the chapters of Acton Networkers, one of my responsibilities is arrange for and manage speakers and presentations. I brought Lisa in to talk on “Injecting Energy into your Job Search” in August 2012 and she also touched on working in the Medical Development industry. Lisa did a super job bringing in not just energy, but passion and humor. Lisa definitely lives and promotes what she teaches.”

Charisse Sebastian, Consultant/Troubleshooter at Spectrum and Speaker/Co-coordinator for Acton Networking

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