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In 2008: Medical Development Partners Team

Lisa is a tried and true Leader, having demonstrated those abilities throughout her career. Highlights of her leadership experiences are as follows:

In the 1990’s, Lisa coached and empowered women entrepreneurs to start and build their own businesses with profitability using effective sales and marketing strategies and techniques. She built a team of 50 individuals, who were focused, determined, and hardworking. The majority of her team at that point was made up of multitasking moms, appropriately called the Working Women. Together they achieved both personal and group success in a large and competitive distributorship.

In the 2000’s as President & CEO of Radi Medical Systems, Inc., Lisa coached many employees to be the best they could be, achieve their goals and dreams while they kept their family life in perspective and balance. She was a co-founder of this Medical Device Company and grew the US Subsidiary revenues at a triple digit rate from inception to $28 million in less than six years. This substantial growth was accomplished without obtaining any venture capital while maintaining profitability from the start.

As President of Medical Development Group (MDG) from 2007 to 2009, Lisa’s leadership and guidance helped a young not-for-profit organization grow from under 200 members to over 450 dues-paying members during her two-year term. Lisa was actively involved in program development and has also been the board’s sponsorship liaison and is now board emeritus. Lisa has had twenty years of service to MDG.

As President of Medical Development Partners, LLC (MDP), Lisa led a group of eight individuals with more than 100 years of Medical Device Experience. She helped uncover and assess new opportunities for the team. By talking to business leaders, she realized that many of them had personal and professional issues to resolve and goals to meet. In 2008, MDP became focused on solely coaching leaders as well as aspiring leaders in the Medical Device Industry.

Leadership Offering. What does your organization need to move forward? Where and how is leadership exercised? Lisa can assist your leadership team, be it at the board or executive committee level. She can help you establish and/or improve the core aspects of setting the business course. This includes defining corporate vision, mission, values, and objectives. Leaders must ensure that all of these items are not only created but also communicated, understood by all, and in alignment. Lisa will work with your team to allow it to focus on what is most important. She will help you to consider stakeholder concerns, the corporate culture, and other critical issues to give your business the best opportunity for success.

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