Michael Krieger

Michael Krieger

“Lisa is an intelligent and compassionate motivational speaker and executive coach that focuses on helping professionals develop in the medical device and life sciences fields. Whether you attend one of her regular speaking engagements at associations like MDG Boston or become one of her coaching clients, she ensures that everyone’s personal and professional life is enhanced. I highly recommend hiring her if you are looking to produce exceptional results in your life and career.”

Michael Krieger, President, End Business Consultants, Co-Founder, Health Innovators

Executive Coach

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Nancy Feeney“I have been able to prioritize my daily, weekly, and monthly schedule better with the skills Lisa has helped me with. Lisa was very easy to work with even during difficult personal struggles. I have not only been able to schedule personal time for me, but also have been able to meet the demands of my busy schedule. Our time together has benefited me greatly. I look forward to future goal setting and positive life altering decisions to be made. Thanks Lisa, for all of your support!”

Nancy Feeney, Trainer at Steward Medical Group

Julia Rita-Di Pietro“I am so thankful for having had Lisa as my coach. I received so much from our time together.

Lisa was key in helping me move forward in both my career and also my personal life. She really helped me identify the random, disjointed thoughts that were rattling around in my head, and clarified them so I could create a plan and define specific actions.

I grew and learned a lot during my time working with her. Lisa is a skilled, executive coach. She helped me to identify my goals and put a framework around meeting them. Most importantly, Lisa is incredibly caring and has such an authentic character that you can easily open up and know that you are sharing with someone who genuinely cares for you and helps you to reach your goals – and beyond.”

Julia Rita-Di Pietro, Program Manager, College and Workforce Readiness Training and Development, Non-Profit Administration

darcy_m“Lisa was able to give me strength and direction when I needed it the most. Her methodical approach allowed me to organize my thoughts on my current life situation and allowed me to clearly see a direction that I wanted to go in that was not only suitable for me, but for my ever growing family. Because of her help and guidance, I have continued being a successful full-time working mother and am thriving at both. I strongly recommend using Lisa if you feel that your path is becoming muddled by indecision or lack of direction. Lisa and the business she has built are never far from my mind.”

Darcy Martin, Sales Account Manager, Clariant Masterbatches

marcL “Lisa provided me with great support as an executive coach during a career transition. She helped me with setting the right goals and making sure I was balancing the professional and personal parts of my life. She also made sure that I stayed on track with my networking activities, Lisa is a great person who really knows how to connect with people at multiple levels. She is always positive and enthusiastic and that rubs off on people around her. In addition, Lisa is well connected in the medical device community and introduced me to many great people in that field helping me to expand my network. I highly recommend Lisa as an executive coach and would not hesitate to contact her to explore how she can help you.”

Marc Levine, Product and Business Development Executive

Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

“I first met Lisa Sasso at a speaking event at MDG over a year ago where she was leading the discussion “How to Transition into the Medical Device Industry.” In speaking with her I was impressed with her knowledge of the key players in the Medical Device business space. I was also impressed with her real world CEO level experience as well.

My goal at the time was both business development and trying to up-level my skill set as a business owner. I could see immediately that Lisa’s concrete experience could help me to grow my business and my customer base to build my company to a successful one.

Lisa has not only helped me with finding a market for my company but she has helped me to keep moving forward to improve my business acumen. I would highly recommend Lisa as an excellent executive coach and a highly effective and informative speaker.”

Nancy Knettell, CEO, Signet Medical Systems

Executive Coach

“Lisa Sasso is a dynamic individual, accomplished professional who has an amazing ability to connect people. I have seen Lisa tackle an array of roles demonstrating success, consummate professionalism and excellence with every undertaking. Lisa has the ability to utilize different skill sets in harmony and has an uncanny knack to make connections with a variety of people in a variety of ways. I am constantly impressed with her ability as a coach, mentor and executive. Her aptitude and passion for everything she does truly set’s Lisa head and shoulders above the rest. I would highly recommend Lisa as a coach, mentor and professional. Her encouragement, example and her guidance has made a tremendously positive impact on my professional and personal life.”

Joseph Berkowitz, VP Business Development, Medical Development Group of Boston