Career Assessment

Career Assessment

Are you unemployed, under-employed, “in transition,” or need a new career perspective? Are you wondering how to progress from your current position and take on more responsibility? Is it time for you to set career goals? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should consider conducting a formal Career Assessment with a professional coach.

A Career Assessment will give you a unique perspective on your current career or a new career. It is a 3-step process starting with completing a pre-work questionnaire and submitting an up to date resume.  The questionnaire asks you to take a step back and from your perspective identify:

  • career challenges and opportunities
  • any existing career goals
  • your commitment to making a change
  • personal factors impacting your career aspirations

Lisa reviews this information, prepares feedback and then holds a 1-hr interactive session to help provide insight and establish a strategy.  This may also include setting specific goals and objectives.  The strategy (and goals) can lead you to your plan for the year.

It may sound overused, but “failing to plan is planning to fail” (Ben Franklin), it is as true today as it ever was.  If you are serious about your career then you owe it to yourself to spend the time and effort since the only person responsible for your career success (or failure) is YOU!.  Past clients have found these exercises to be very effective and as an added benefit when you work in this manner it helps you to build confidence and give you a positive attitude.

The cost is $300 for a full assessment. After the assessment is completed, Lisa’s other coaching programs can provide additional support toward executing the strategy and meeting your goals.

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