For the month of April, I want to dedicate my Message to working hard and playing hard.

“By working hard, you get to play guilt-free.” — Jim Rohn

We’re officially into spring, my favorite season, and I just returned home from an amazing trip to Cancun, with two of my besties: Laura and Carol. We had an amazing week in paradise. We stayed at the Hard Rock at Riviera Maya, and spent a week of eating, drinking, walking and doing daily aqua aerobics. We also enjoyed swimming in the beautiful clear ocean and in the many great pools and whirlpools.

We indulged in relaxing hot-stone massages and nightly professional entertainment. Every day, the weather was just heavenly. It was 86 degrees, warm and sunny. We’d all worked hard for the first 3 months of the year, and then, throughout that first week of April, we played really hard. And on top of all that, we also enjoyed feasting on a variety of cuisines— including Mexican, Italian, French and Brazilian. The all-you-can-eat dining experience alone was worth the price of the entire vacation package.

Seven days went by much too quickly. I really enjoyed a week away with some girlfriends. Believe it or not, I didn’t do any work or respond to any emails. It was a real vacation. I did miss my boys, though (husband John and son John Robert), and I touched base with the two of them daily. Since 1992, when John and I got married, I hadn’t had a full week away anywhere with girlfriends, although I had enjoyed a few weekends away with friends.

It is so important to “recharge your batteries” and enjoy some rest and relaxation. I would highly recommend you plan your next vacation and consider going on an all-inclusive vacation. You deserve it. You work hard and you deserve a break.

Velma Kelly (Mariela) & MC (John Robert)

work hard play hard

Velma Kelly (Mariela) & MC (John Robert)

My son and husband were unfortunately down and out with Covid while I was away. However, I was thrilled to see, when I returned home, John Robert onstage, appearing in the musical Chicago with the New England School of Performing Arts (NESPA)—as both the announcer a reporter and the lead dancer. He takes his drama performances very seriously. He had 5 actual performances after 60 hours of practice over the past 3 months. Thank goodness he was fully recovered and able to perform. John Robert did not have an understudy, so the show would not have been the same without him. He also has learned my mantra of working hard and playing hard. He gives all of his performance, his schoolwork and all of his activities his very best.

John Robert will be turning 15 this month, on April 23rd. He shares this special birthday with his Nanny Sasso. It just doesn’t seem possible; the years go by so quickly. I am so proud of many of his achievements, and I love to see him perform. He really has the trifecta: he can sing, dance and act. He is such an entertainer and has been pleasing audiences for over a decade. He has found his calling. He is a natural performer.

So, you see, what I mean by the heading of this month’s message, “Work Hard, Play Hard,” is this: no matter what you do, make sure you leave some time for enjoying what you love and what lights you up. For me it was my recent vacation, and for John Robert it is performing. In a nutshell, it means: Remember to be good to yourself. I’m sure that you know how to work hard but please also make sure you got the main message this month: Enjoy Life!

If you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter and if you celebrate Passover enjoy your next week. We will be hosting Easter and celebrating the birthdays. Remember: Enjoy Life. It goes by too quickly.

And remember, work hard play hard!

Special invitation:

And now, I want to invite you to a special event that’s going to take place late in April: It’s a forum that I will be moderating (via Zoom) for, on April 27. The topic is Advances in Interventional Cardiology. I’ll be sharing how cardiology has hit me personally: 4 of my family members have died of cardiac disease—plus my own personal story of my son and my father-in-law—and also my working for a cardiology company and then starting a cardiology company, Radi Medical Systems, Inc. It should be a very interesting discussion. The panelist are all great and I personally know and have worked with 2 of the three. To register, please visit:

With gratitude and best wishes!
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