Vacations are Vital!

Yes, taking two vacations in one month is possible. We just did it!

We started 2014 off in Orlando, Florida. On New Year’s we walked around Sea World as a family. Then we met up with my college friend and sorority sister Roxanne and her family. We had a blast together. We actually stayed in Florida until Jan 6th and we conveniently managed to miss the first big snowstorm of the year. Perfect timing. Also, while on vacation, 2 Medical Device Professionals contacted me directly ready to move forward with coaching. They have become clients. What a great way to start the new year!

My husband and I were back to work the following week and our son was back to school. It was a busy week and the next weekend we left for a 4 day get-away to Las Vegas. By leaving over the weekend we only missed 2 days of work. The main objective for our trip was to celebrate my mother-n-law’s upcoming 80th birthday. She didn’t want a big party. Instead, she was clear that she wanted to go to Las Vegas in the winter, see shows, and gamble. Well, we satisfied all her requests and she was quite lucky as well.

It is now February! If you haven’t started to think about your 2014 vacations you really need to do that right away. This is important since this is time for you. Vacations help revive us and give us energy. Most importantly vacations clear and refresh our bodies as well as our minds.

How did we do it? We planned ahead for flights and we stayed at our timeshare in Florida and transferred our timeshare points for Vegas. We had specific vacation goals that we wanted to achieve with fun and relaxation topping the chart.

  • My vacation goal was to avoid cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. This was accomplished on both vacations and my basic vacation goals were achieved.
  • Our son wanted to swim in a pool every day; he was able to do this during our Florida vacation and he was thrilled.
  • My husband was able to sleep late, relax and read non-fiction books so he was also satisfied.
  • As a couple, neither of us gambled, however, we enjoyed our hot stone massages and shows. We came back to Boston well rested and ready for work and the next snowstorm.

I always book our next vacation as soon as I return from vacation. I would recommend this strategy since it will always give you something to look forward to and to plan on. Realize that anything is possible if you want it bad enough? Isn’t your vacation worth scheduling? You put all of your meetings and engagements on your calendar, right? Isn’t your time off a necessary step to bring you back to producing your best work and really feeling your best?

Vacations are Vital!

If you need more balance in your life and you are not good at scheduling downtime or planning your vacations you should reach out to me. I can help.

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