Tribute to Moms

Not everyone has a son or a daughter, but everyone has or has had a mom. This newsletter is dedicated to all of your moms, to those of you who are moms, to all moms everywhere, and, in particular, to my two moms: my birth mom, Camille, and my mother-in-law mom, Virginia.

My mom, sweet little Camille as we frequently refer to her, prioritized her activities as faith first, family second, friends third, and food an impressive fourth.

Paying tribute to the first, I truly think a mother is a gift from God.

Flashback 2013

An aspect of my mom’s value of caring for family and for friendship is represented by my recent card review project. This project involved going through cards, invitations, thank you notes, and so forth collected over the past 28 years. Although I like to collect things, I forced myself to get rid of any cards that didn’t include a personal note. I kept all the Christmas cards with photos of our friends’ kids and relatives. So many happy memories!

My mom never missed a birthday, an anniversary, a Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Thanksgiving. All her cards had personal notes and often had prayer cards, stickers, added sayings just to make the card more personal and, often, photos from a prior party or gathering. She always said that it takes just a minute to write a personal note; I always do just that.

Her value for friendships and example of maintaining them is a value I share. I think that is why I have so many long-term friendships, some over 35 years.  

As for food, my mom is a great cook. She makes a mean lasagna, and she always made one for me on each birthday. She has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves to make desserts. Just the other day, I came across her recipe for orange pineapple salad. Made of cool whip, cottage cheese, pineapple, mandarin oranges and Jell-O, it is so easy to put together. John Robert, my son, and I made it just the other day in honor of my mom. It was delicious.  How I wish I could bring her some. She is currently hospitalized and has been since December 14 of last year. It is so difficult not being able to visit her. 

My mother-in-law mom, Virginia, is the most caring, giving, and selfless woman. She will do anything for her husband and sister, her three kids, four grandchildren, and two daughter-in-laws. She is always willing to listen to problems or stories without judging and often hits the mark with her advice. She is also obsessed with keeping her home sparklingly clean. I can only aspire to such an immaculate and well-kept home. In addition, we know we can always count on her to help out.

A great mom is one who loves you unconditionally, always tries to find the good in any situation, and succeeds most of the time. I am so grateful for my mom and for my mother-in-law mom and feel so lucky to have both of them in my life. These women are incredible moms. They are two of the warmest and most loveable women in the world. Each mom has been my “biggest cheerleader” for all my activities and work endeavors forever.

Neither of them ever missed or misses a dance recital or acting performance by my son. They have front row seats for every production. So, they should each be awarded best grandmother status. I aspire to qualify for just half of their mothering talents, proficiency, and gifts. They taught me patience, kindness, gratitude, and generosity. Most importantly, they gave me their LOVE and, by example, taught me how to love.

If this note makes you stop and think about your mom, then I achieved my goal. If you are blessed to be able to see your mom, do so, and give her a hug, give a card or cook a meal. If you can’t see her, then call to tell her how special she is to you, engage in some virtual activities, such as going on virtual museum tour, viewing a favorite movie together, or simply having a video call. There is never a better time than the present, and I’m sure you will never regret your efforts.

Give thanks and show you cherish the woman who gave you life! And pay tribute and honor all moms everywhere in any way you can.
With gratitude and best wishes!
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