Transition into the Med. Dev. Industry

I am pleased to announce that I am once again hosting the most well attended Networking Event that the Medical Development Group (MDG) has held in our history.

Each year this program is unique and exciting.  No two programs have ever been the same.  It is not only for the people that want to transition into the Medical Device Industry, but it also is a way for those industry veterans to share their knowledge and to think about what is next for them.

I have had the pleasure of organizing and hosting this event for the last six years.  It is a fun event, an opportunity for new folks to become familiar with MDG, and historically has had great attendance.

Highlights of the evening:

  • Unstructured networking followed by structured networking exercises
  • Light dinner buffet (sandwiches, cookies, chips and beverage)
  • Veteran Medical Device Professionals and Medical Device Companies in attendance

However, the best 3 reasons to attend this meeting are:

  • (1) The terrific panel of Medical Device Experts will share words of wisdom on how they transitioned into the Industry, lessons learned and biggest pieces of advice to others desiring entry.
  • (2) This panel has well over 100 years of combined Medical Device Experience.
  • (3) Excellent networking – this audience will be made up of both people wanting to get into the industry as well as experienced medical device veterans.
  • Don’t sit there and wonder if you have the transferable skills to get into industry.
  • Don’t wonder if you could learn the medical lingo and understand the verbiage.
  • Don’t analyze yourself or the industry, come and get the facts.
  • Come with an open mind.
  • Bring some resumes and plenty of business cards.
  • Prepare questions that you might want to ask any of the experts.

Transitioning into Medical Device Industry

  • Date:  August 15, 2012
  • Where: Rebecca’s Café, Auburndale, MA
  • When:  5:30-8:30 pm

Also, feel free to contact me if you have knowledge that you would like to share during this program to make it stronger and even more impactful.  Please visit to register for the event.

I hope to see you on August 15th.

Click here to see the Event Flyer for more detail on the program and the bio’s of the evenings panelists.

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