Wow, what an amazing January! I hope that everyone had productive starts to the new year. I am very proud to say that as a coach I just had my best month ever! What a great way to start off 2013.

I want to welcome my five new clients in January. All have completed their Discovery Sessions and started coaching sessions. I am honored to work with each of you and will help you both professionally and personally to achieve and accomplish your goals with balance.

Thanks to all who attended my first Goal Setting Conference Call- Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever! I received a lot of great feedback. If you haven’t set your goals yet, it’s not too late! To assist you, I have decided to hold this teleconference one more time. Instead of just offering a replay, participants indicated that value came from being able to share and be part of the actual call and the experience. The first dozen people that register will receive a free spot. I really like the idea of keeping the calls small and intimate so that people can participate fully. For more information, and to register, CLICK HERE.

Theme- What is in a Theme?

What is your theme for 2013?  Some coaches have their clients come up with a word for the year, others a strategic or a tactical plan, while still others ask clients to identify a song or an image. Well, I combine several of these ideas and concepts and I call it, “my personal/professional theme” for the year. Have you thought of your theme yet? If not, hopefully after reading this you will be inspired to have a theme as well.

My theme – the Bald Eagle! Why? Because it soars powerfully throughout the sky and always seems to have focus and purpose. To me the eagle represents both my clients and myself. I enjoy helping my clients to soar with focus and purpose and in return I take flight with them, flying by their side. I am the wind beneath their wings. Do you remember the popular song in 1992 by Bette Midler? The song was “The Wind Beneath My Wing;” this is my theme song for my eagle image.

This is also the song that I danced the memorable father/daughter dance at my wedding 21 years ago. My dad has always understood me and he is and has been the “wind beneath my wing.” He has believed in, encouraged, supported and celebrated me on numerous occasions and he will always hold a special place in my heart. So you can see, I learned what it was like to have a coach and a mentor before I even knew the meaning of those words and certainly years before I decided to embrace coaching as a profession.

The colors in my eagle image (and my theme) are the blue sky and the bright yellow beak of the eagle. These colors are part of my DNA and they weave the thread of who I really am. In college, when I was VP of Rush at my Sorority (Sigma Delta Tau) I proudly wore these colors. I earned my MBA from Bentley University where the schools colors were none other than yellow & blue. I was co-founder, CEO and President of Radi Medical Systems, Inc. where the colors quite ironically were also yellow & blue (for Sweden representing the Swedish flag). So finally when I co-founded Medical Development Partners, Inc., can you guess the colors that I chose for this venture? I am sure that you will not be surprised to see the yellow and blue theme on my website.

Again, you really need to resonate with your theme, your image, your song, your colors etc. This is about not only who you are right now, but also who you want to be and who you are becoming. I can be the wind beneath the wings for my clients. But, ironically I also want to soar personally and professionally like the eagle. Hence the dual image for me.

Please take a moment and think about what this looks like for you. Again, you can have one word that reminds you of your 2013 theme and you can incorporate that into your website, your LinkedIn Profile, your calendar and even your work space. Think, explore, obtain, embrace and finally own it. Cut out a photo of it. Tell at least 5-10 people about it. Make it REAL! Live it!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach

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