The Wonder of Passion in Our Lives!

Passion can be thought of as an overpowering emotion or feeling.

What is your passion? To identify your passion, ask yourself questions that will lead to your growth. If you need help, try to find it.

I have helped many people discover their purpose and passions. Maybe I’m able to do that because I feel passionate about the work that I do and that I have immediate family examples of purpose and passion – my son, John Robert, and my mom, Camille Tosi.

I want to share the stories of these two people whom I love dearly and who are important to me.

John Robert has a passion for theater. He has a natural talent for acting, singing, and dancing and he has worked hard to develop it. Since he was 4 years old, he was been taking classes in acting, singing, and dancing. He has the “whole package”. Over the years, he has played Donkey, originally played by Eddie Murphy, in Shrek Jr.; he played Harry in Mama Mia Jr.; and he played the Cat in the Hat in Seussical Jr. and Michael in Peter Pan Jr..

At the end of August, he played his biggest role ever. He was Burt in Mary Poppins. Burt was the leading man who sang about eight songs, danced, and acted. My husband and I listened to John Robert practicing every night. We could not get the catchy show tunes out of our heads. In the original Mary Poppins movie, Dick Van Dyke played Burt. However, I must confess John Robert did an amazing job with the role. 

The New England School of Performing Arts was committed to producing the play, despite Covid-19. The fathers of the drama students worked together over the summer to construct the stage and erect a tent in a student’s backyard. The school, serious about bringing people together safely to watch the performance, required each person to bring his or her own chair and to wear a mask. All the kids did an incredible job! John Robert is such a wonderful example of passion with purpose and skill, even though he is still learning, working in a state of passion and flow.

My mom, Camille Tosi, had a passion for people — helping them and being there for them. She really cared about people and was always there to listen to an issue or a problem. She loved to write cards and always included personal messages and special photos. These were some of her activities of passion.

Mom had a smile that lit up a room. She was one of the kindest, sweetest, and loving people I have ever known. Mom loved flowers, Elvis, and Patti Page. On August 24 of this year, my mom died peacefully in her sleep. She lost a battle with Alzheimer’s but gave us another angel in heaven. Mom lived 83 amazing years and was married for 54 blissful years. She had three kids, four grandkids, and six Godchildren. My mom really loved people and people really loved her. She is greatly missed, but she is in a much better place.

I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by passionate people. I consider myself a passionate person. I know that my mother’s legacy will live on in me, and I know that my passionate son has many more years of performances.

Againwhat are you passionate about? Don’t forget to find and follow your passion.

And if you want some help identifying your passions and working to achieve them, contact me and we can talk (

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