Taking Flight with DISC Profile: A Valid and Reliable Assessment Tool!

“Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart.” – Ayushi Rathore

This month, I want to share with you a very efficient and easy way to use birds to emulate the DISC method for personality styles training.

We know a lot about personality styles training, which provides an easy way to help us understand different personality and behavioral styles. Today, the personality assessment market not only represents a $500 million-a-year business, but is growing at the remarkable rate of about 10-15% a year, according to Human Capital Media.

Merrick Rosenberg is the CEO of Take Flight Learning, and his famous book Taking Flight! came out in 2012.  Now there are 3 published books:

  1. Taking Flight!: Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships…Your Life
  2. The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does
  3. Personality Wins: Who Will Take the White House and How We Know

I’m focusing today on Taking Flight with DISC Profile, which is about the four different types of personality styles training, and features the DISC assessment tool.  I learned from my own recent training experience that nobody owns DISC, and that using its “bird assignments” system is the easiest way to remember the personality types.  The book also follows the KISS method (Keep it Simple Sweetheart).  Anyone can remember the personalities of the four birds, and it makes it quite simple to know and own your style.

In the years before the idea of using birds was introduced, certain letters of the alphabet (acronyms) were used in personality styles training sessions—but afterward, people often forgot what the different letters stood for.  Many even forgot their own personality style.  In fact, it was rare that people would actually apply the new skills they had learned, as you can’t apply what you do not remember.  People do not forget their bird.

Here’s a brief look at how the DISC tool using bird assignments works:

The Four Birds in Taking Flight with DISC

What is your style?

  • Eagle:      dominant, confident, in-control, authority.
  • Parrot:     social, friendly, fun, outgoing.
  • Dove:       peaceful, loving, humble, caring, listeners.
  • Owl:         wise, thinker, logical, analytical.

Relating to the different styles of the birds (mnemonic).  The birds embody the meaning of each style.  The model takes little time to teach.  People can learn through visual imagery, and finally people proudly display their “bird” style.

How do you communicate?  How do you listen?

  • Eagle:     be brief, be brilliant and be gone.
  • Parrot:    talking – in their minds they are thinking of a related story, we have this in common.
  • Dove:      emotions, feelings – people come to people with their feelings.
  • Owl:        facts, data, analytical.

Here’s what I learned about my own style:  I am a Parrot first and foremost.  Then I am an Eagle and a Dove; next and lastly, I am an Owl.

The book is a very easy read; it takes just a few hours.  I think you’ll be interested in not only the particular type of bird that you identify with, but also how the other birds relate and co-exist with your bird type.

Most DISC training is on the style.  Here are some examples of how the birds relate to each other:

  • If a Parrot gives feedback to Owl, the might say “You were incredible and you knocked it out of the park.”
  • If the Owl gives feedback to a Parrot: It is analytical feedback.  The Parrot can’t always tell if he liked it.
  • If the Dove gives feedback to an Eagle:  It is loving and caring.  But the Eagle just wants to know the bottom line.

This is the easiest assessment tool to learn.  It is intuitive and it is a lot of fun.

I hope you do pick up the book Taking Flight with DISC Profile and determine your style, and also the styles of the people that you work and live with.  I highly recommend this book, and all ages can enjoy and learn from it. Personality styles training is great for not only understanding your own traits, and those of your colleagues, but also, for understanding how you personally get along with— and work with— the other birds.

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The Chameleon (Book) https://store.takeflightlearning.com/books/the-chameleon.html
Taking Flight! (Book) https://store.takeflightlearning.com/books/taking-flight.html
Taking Flight with DISC Profile (Book) https://store.takeflightlearning.com/assessments/taking-flight-with-disc-profile-online-profile.html

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