“Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you’ll be a success.” Al Schweitzer, humanitarian

“I believe that you need to love what you do and have balance in your life and then you too can achieve success.”  L. Sasso

For my friends that appreciate a simple formula, here it is:

Passion + Balance = Success

So what is your passion?  What gives you pleasure?   What type of work excites you and gets you motivated?

  • Do you want to work in a job that uses your skills, talents, and experience?
  • Do you want to work for a company that appreciates you and rewards you?

Do you spend quality time each day with your family and/or your friends?

  • Do you want your days to fly by (both at work & at home)?
  • Do you want to look forward to each day with new personal and professional challenges and experiences?

If you have found all that, Congratulations!  You have found Success!

  1. True success has nothing to do with how much money you earn.  It is how you feel about what you do in your life both personally and professionally.
  2. If you get up every morning and you are ready and excited about the day and what you are doing, then you are truly living your purpose.
  3. If you go to bed each night satisfied with your day and sleep soundly, then you are at peace.

If the above reasons resonate with you, then:   Congratulations!  You have achieved success.

On Sept., 30th I had the pleasure of moderating an expert panel of Medical Device Professionals.  Each panel member was passionate about the work that he/she does in the Device Industry.  The panel consisted of four Successful Professionals in the photo above: (Arnie Feinberg, Lisa Sasso, Art Combs, and Terri Marion)

  • A Successful Serial Mechanical Engineer
  • A Successful Executive turned Executive Coach
  • A Successful MD turned Medical Device Executive
  • A Successful Mechanical Engineer turned Medical Marketer

This group captured the attention of the audience with their stories, humor and honesty.  The Sept. MDG event, “Transitioning into & within the Medical Device Industry” completely filled the room.  If you were there and you participated in the exercises, the Q & A or the networking then you also contributed to the success of this program.  Thank you!

  • I have updated the Transitioning Group Event to include some of the facts and figures that I shared at the Sept 30th event.
  • This month’s free skillset class for clients will take place on Thursday, October 29th at 12 noon.

Whether you were there or if you missed this event I would like to know about another event. On Mon, Nov. 23rd at Constant Contact, my husband John (MSEE, BSEE & MBA) and I(BBA Marketing, BA Economics & MBA) will present together at C-NET (IEEE).  The topic will be “Using your skills and talents to successfully work in the Medical Device Industry.”  I will cover the soft skills and John will cover the hard skills.  Good news:  if you are on this email distribution list you can attend this event for free.  Simply mention my name when registering for the event (or at the registration desk).  The program consists of networking, our presentations, Q & A and additional networking.

In closing, if you need my assistance finding and doing work that you really want to do, and living a satisfying and well-balanced life, please contact me today. Then you can follow your passion, enjoy what you do and experience your own success.  You deserve it!

What are you doing for yourself today so that you can experience more success in your life?

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

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