July’s blog is dedicated to Anniversaries. July 4th marked the one year anniversary of my website. Thanks so much to Ana Maria Rayes for her lovely work on the site. Best of luck to Ana and her upcoming baby girl as both Ana and Kate Middleton are due any day now. If you have been receiving my updates for the past year, thank you for your support. I hope that my monthly updates have been positive and motivating. Thank you for reading and please know that you can always share your thoughts and comments.

An Anniversary is a special time and one that should be valued, cherished and always remembered.
Try to remember those special dates in your life.

There are work anniversaries, wedding anniversaries and other special occasion anniversaries that people generally cherish and love.

When thinking about anniversaries, these three pieces of advice may be helpful to you:

  1. Try not to take people for granted. Instead, put yourself in the other person’s position and try to think about their perspective.
  2. Try to enjoy and appreciate living in the moment. Think of a child at the circus or at an amusement park. Life is finite and it is much too short to live in the past or the future.
  3. Try to say and express exactly how you feel. Be honest. This is really important! The more clear you are with everyone around you the easier things will be moving forward. Honesty, integrity, and commitment are key to maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

So why am I thinking about anniversaries right now? Well, currently we are celebrating some special anniversaries:

  • June 20th was our 21st Wedding Anniversary. Last year was the big 20th and we had a lovely gathering with family from both sides (this same weekend last year). It was a great day that many will remember and I will treasure. Creating special memories are important and really nurture us as people. But, each year needs to be special and memorable. Try not to put off these dates. Celebrate and remember your special day each and every day and do it each and every year.
  • On July 21st, we will celebrate our 29th year together since our very first date. Yes, we are heading towards the big 30. That is a long time. John is not only my best friend, but he is also my soul mate and my first and only love.
  • Finally, 6 years ago this very same weekend (July 22nd) was the Christening of our son celebrating his Christian birthday. This day became the most memorable day of my life after the day he was born and followed by our wedding day. This little boy is my world and has brought so much love and joy to everyone that he encounters.

Remember to celebrate, honor and cherish your anniversaries. If you don’t do it, no one else will. You can only be whole if you follow your heart. My boys are at my core and I love them both dearly.

Don’t let your special and memorable days go by without the acknowledgment that they deserve. The weather these last few days has been pretty warm especially with only an a/c unit and house fan. However, our family membership at the YMCA has allowed us to swim the last several nights together and keep cool.

Here is hoping that you and your families are staying cool and enjoying your summer and the anniversaries in your life.

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