How often are we willing to throw in the towel when things get too hard?  It is more difficult to dig deep inside you and to find a way to turn things around.  Well, that is exactly what the NE Patriots did on Sunday, Feb 6, 2017, at Superbowl 51.  What a game!  It was a nail biter right until the very end.  But Patriots Fan’s stayed strong and kept the faith, even though the first half of the game was disappointing and some people may have had some not so positive things to say about their team.  True fans didn’t waver.  They knew that the Pat’s could make it back and that they would come from behind.  What other team besides the NE Patriots can come back from a 21-3 score with just half a game to go and managed to secure yet another victory.

The Atlanta Falcons scored a touchdown 2 minutes into the third quarter (right after halftime) but they couldn’t score any more after that.  The Patriots wiped them out.  How did they do it, the Pats scored a touchdown at the end of the third quarter and missed the extra point.  Then 5 minutes into the fourth quarter the Patriots kicked a field goal.  Then they scored (2) touchdowns and (2) 2 point conversions which tied up the game.  Suddenly the game was tied  28 to 28.  It was anyone’s game.  The crowds roared everywhere.  It was sudden death and the first team to score a touchdown would win.  The NE Patriots won the coin toss and they got the final touchdown and ultimately won the game.  It was beautiful!  I watched the game with my extended family and everyone was glued to their seat right to the very end.  We believed in our team and that they would once again take home the Superbowl Trophy.

When you believe in something you put yourself on the line for it.  You believe in it with your brain, your gut and most importantly you believe with your heart.  Many NE Patriots Fans use all of their senses, but most importantly they believed with their hearts.  However, one other lesson that we all learned by watching this game was the ultimate example of Teamwork.  Everybody had to play their positions and they had to do it seamlessly.  Every NE Patriot’s player had the heart of a winner and none of them ever gave up, they knew what they were capable of accomplishing.  The Falcons had the number one offense in the NFL and the Patriots defense shut them down completely in the 2nd half.  It was amazing to watch.  Football is the ultimate team sport.  Everyone had to do their job together to accomplish this amazing feat.  The NE Patriots are the 5-time winners of the Superbowl.  Boy does it feel great to live in Boston? Boston has become a sports Mecca. It has the best teams and the most supportive fans.  Boston Strong!

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

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