October is for Orange.  October is the time for change. It is the one month that you actually associate with a color.  You also see the leaves changing everywhere, turning orange.  The pumpkins on staircases and around the houses are orange.  Orange also happens to be a very popular Halloween color for both decorations and candy.

For my son, orange is his favorite color (all year long), so it is of no surprise that October is his favorite month.  It doesn’t hurt that all his neighbors hand out candy to him on the 31st for Halloween.  That is just a bonus.  He doesn’t even care that much for the candy, but he loves the idea of getting something from someone else.  It is so novel.  Ring a doorbell, get candy.  It is just special and he likes taking inventory and keeping track of what he has.  Do you ever take an inventory of what you have and what is important to you?  He actually plays store with his candy.  He is generous and shares his candy with us, but ultimately he needs to keep track of what he has at all times.

I never owned a piece of orange clothing until I had my son.  However, over the last 9 years, I have noticed more and more orange entering my wardrobe.  It is interesting that we do the things we do to please the people that we love, sometimes without even noticing it.  Have you done this before?  Think about your own stuff and if your purchases were influenced by others. October is also the time for change.  It is time for you to change.  If you have been saying that you were going to do something with your Linked-In profile well now is the time.  If you are reading this note you are eligible to be on my FREE Linked-In Tips and Tricks call with David Kauffman.  Here is the web and call details:

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Many of you have already registered.  If you plan on being on the call just send me an email so we can plan accordingly.  If you decide at the last minute that you can attend, remember this newsletter and the information that is on it.  For being present at the last MDG meeting, for filling out a survey, or for being one of my loyal motivational message readers you receive this skill class free. The fourth quarter is well underway and by now you should have defined and begin to execute your 4th quarter goals.  If improving your linked in profile is one of yours, you should be on this call.

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