MY DAD IS MY HERO – June 2013

The term hero can mean different things to different people.  We often think of those that distinguished themselves in battle, or individuals that save others in a time of tragedy (such as our first responders), or even those that gave of themselves unselfishly during times of trouble.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” 

– Joseph Campbell

My Dad is my hero.  I am so proud to honor him during the month of June, especially on Father’s Day.  Although my dad was in the army during the Korean War, he was not a decorated veteran or a war hero.  With his love of sports, he enjoyed participating in track & field events in the army. I fondly remember him coaching my brother’s little league team, but again he did not receive medals, trophies or awards.  However, in my eyes, he is my hero and I will explain why.

Growing up, we did not go on extravagant vacations. Our house always looked like it needed fresh paint and some work. We didn’t spend money on designer clothes or other material things.  Yet, my brothers and I never longed for anything.  We had all the things that were important.  My father always made sure that we had plenty of food, a safe home and an abundance of love.  What more does anyone need?  As the breadwinner, these were the most significant necessities he could provide for us.  This allowed my mom to be a homemaker and spend time with my brothers and me.

For all these reasons and too many others to list, my father is and has always been my hero.  He fits that definition of a hero and I will always “Hold Out For A Hero.”  Even as a young girl with a very high fever, I always knew that I could call out for my dad and that he would come immediately.

I love my Dad!  Did you ever notice that there is a very special bond between a son and his mother (as a mom I totally get this), but there is also a very special bond between a daughter and her father.  I also have a very special father-in-law that I love dearly and should also acknowledge.  However, my dad is one in a million to me.

When my father enters, he lights up a room.  His friendly voice and warm smile instantly engage others.  People are drawn to him and he is drawn to others.  My father can talk to anyone and have real meaningful conversations.  He makes lasting friendships in the way he connects with people.  As a little girl I was often intrigued by his approach and gregarious nature.  Now, I enjoy emulating him and following in his footsteps.

My monthly message for June is Don’t forget the heroes in your life!  They don’t have to be your father, but trust me, if you look there are heroes all around!  They deserve to be recognized, respected and remembered.

On a side note, (that ties in) I am honored to be named to the International Coaching Federation New England Chapter Board.  At the ICFNE’s 3rd Annual Award Banquet next Monday, I am proud to say the entire proceeds will go to Boston’s Onefund (  Encouraged by the acts of heroes, we should all look for ways to do our part.  If we do, this world would be a much better place for all.

I am BOSTON Strong.  Boston is filled with incredible individuals that are truly our heroes.

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With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach

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