“There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”Martin Luther

This message on love and marriage—featuring my husband John’s and my story—will go out to all of our family and friends (married and single).  Everyone who knows us is well aware that even after 30 blissful years we are still very much in love.

Today, June 20th is our 30th wedding anniversary.  It really doesn’t seem possible.  In fact, it seems like just yesterday we were kneeling at the altar of St. Agnes Church and getting in trouble with Father Di Perri for whispering to each other.  I just couldn’t understand the giggling that was going on, and I was asking John what it was about. I could see that it was coming from the first row on our right, where our 8 ushers stood.


Standing there in my beautiful gown with its many buttons down the back from neck to waist, I began to worry if my gown was buttoned wrong or if I’d missed a button.  My bridesmaids (to our left) were silent, so no clue there. What was going on?

It was only many hours after the fact (the next day) that I found out that John’s brother Paul had written “Help Me” in whiteout on the soles of John’s shoes—a plea that only became visible when he began kneeling. I am glad that people got a chuckle out of it.

30 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, and I love celebrating our anniversary each year.  For the “Big “30” we were planning to go to (or make plans to go to) Greece.  We’ve been to 29 countries, and this would be the 30th.  However, Covid was still running rampant and there was still uncertainty about traveling abroad, so we put it off until next year. Instead, we are taking a family vacation to Orlando, Florida.  We love our Orange Lake Country Club.

John and I have done a lot in the past 30 years

  • Family – We have a beautiful son. Faced medical (son born with a heart condition) challenges, celebrated his many successes in performing arts!  Welcomed six nieces and nephews, and two sister-n-laws to the family.
  • Faith – Part of a local faith community, Lisa serves as a lector and John Robert an alter server.
  • Friends – Maintain relationships with many long-time friends.  Provide our support to those in need.
  • Service – Reside in Reading, MA.  John participates in town government and local community organizations (scouts).
  • Business – Established a successful Medical Device company, helped make a technology a standard of care, grew the organization to over $28M in revenue and 50+ employees.  Lisa obtained professional coaching certifications.
  • Personal – Lisa & John both graduated with MBA’s from Bentley College.  Able to travel to numerous states and countries for business and pleasure.

I am thankful for John every day and for the love that we share.  It is amazing that we dated for 8 years before even getting married, which makes 38 years our time as a couple.  We’ve never broken up, and through the years our love has only continued to grow.

My message to you is to love deeply, accept one another fully and completely, respecting, understanding, and forgiving each other.  Those are my words of advice.  I’m not a relationship coach, but I have had the pleasure of assisting several friends with their marriages, and John and I have even successfully played matchmaker a few times.

Oh, one more thing:  remember the “Help Me” story.  I don’t think John ever knew what his brother did, but I found out, and I forgave both John and his brother.  Thirty years later I can really laugh about this story.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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