Insanity: doing things over and over again and expecting a different outcome.” -Albert Einstein

Leap into the New Year!  Do something new!  Set real meaningful goals and keep them.  Achieve things that you have always wanted to accomplish.  Get an accountability partner.  Do more things for you. Live with gratitude.  What will you do to make 2016 more memorable?  February 2016 is a leap year.  This gives you a bonus day this month to achieve even more.

I want to congratulate the 42 individuals that Leaped into the New Year 2016 by attending the 1st Annual Goal Setting For Success with Balance & Gratitude Workshop.  What a great group!  The feedback has been extremely positive.  I have decided to do it again next year.  It was valuable to all that attended.

Attendees became clear on who they are, their personal themes and core values.  They left with some Personal & Professional Goals, and even a Gratitude Goal for the year.  People generously donated to one of three charities: Children’s Hospital, Little Hearts, or AHA.  Thanks to all that participated and also those that donated.  We hope to see more of you attend next year. It was great to educate people while paying it forward to organizations that are close to our hearts.

  • If you couldn’t attend but want to set yourself up for success, you can email me to have a Goal Setting 30-minute call. Email Lisa

Feb 29th is a bonus day. If you are confident & ready for change, leap into action, move forward and do things differently. After all, the only constant in life is change.

On Mon. Feb 29th at 9 am, consider starting your morning with me.  We will talk about Leaping – getting the most out of 2016.  It is my February gift to you.  This FREE 30-minute call will help you to focus and will give you some new ideas.  I will be available after the call to answer additional questions. Click to register

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With gratitude and best wishes,
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