This month, I want to dedicate my blog to the concept of mindset, which the dictionary defines as “the established set of attitudes held by someone.”  Here’s how Marshall Goldsmith, a prominent leadership coach and author, explains the importance of mindset:

“Let’s break it down… 
– When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. 
– When you change the way you feel, you change the way you act.
– When you change the way you act, you change your life.
It starts and ends with your mindset.”

First, I want to tell you a bit about my own mindset.  My personal motto is: “If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It,” which sums up the fact that I’ve always been a proponent of being centered—and of knowing that anything and everything is possible.

For the last few years, I’ve even had my own mindset coach.  Nina keeps me on the straight and narrow, and helps me to see the big picture and what is possible.  I also just started taking a course offered by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, and the very first module was on mindset.  It’s that important!  By the way, did you know everything in this world is created twice?  First, in your mind (or your imagination)—and then for real.

mindsetAnd now, I want to share with you how mindset has played a crucial role in my son John Robert’s life this year:  In July, he performed the leading male role of Danny Zuko in Grease, the musical (the role played by John Travolta in the 1978 movie version).  For months before the audition, John Robert trained his brain to believe he could be Danny.  He watched the movie, read, reread, and memorized the script—and eventually got himself into a state where he embodied the character.
You see, he used mindset to prepare himself for the auditions—and for the actual performance. He’s had other leading male roles in the past, but this was his biggest role to date, and he did not disappoint.  John Robert can sing, dance and act. He’s only 15 and is already 5’11” tall.  He is handsome and he has confidence in himself.  John Robert is an amazing kid, both to his family and to his numerous friends, and my husband John and I have never been more proud.

In Grease, the movie, the female lead of Sandy was played by Olivia Newton-John. Over the course of the entire film, she completely changed her mindset.  And with it, she changed her hairstyle, her clothes, and her attitude.  It was a complete metamorphosis, and Danny was shocked.

I mention Olivia because, unfortunately, she is no longer with us; she passed away just last week at 73 after a long fight with breast cancer.  She was an amazing singer, actress, woman, and a person that I always looked up to.  In both Grease and Xanadu, Olivia Newton-John played characters that completely changed their mindset.

If you get anything out of this month’s message, I hope it will be this:  Invest in your mindset.  Do you believe that you can change your mindset?  And that by changing your mindset you can change your life?  I’m here to tell you that Anything and Everything is Possible!

If you’d like to experience a 15-minute transformational mindset session with me, please find a day and a time that would work for you.  I believe in you and your dreams.  I can help you to have the right mindset that can propel you to achieve your dreams.

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