Happy Labor Day! Sept. 2012

The beautiful days of summer and the associated fun activities are now just a distant memory.

What does September mean to you? Think about it…

  • A celebration of work – Labor Day
  • A fresh start, a new beginning
  • A new school year
  • A new religious year – Rosh Hashanah 
  • The end of the 3rd quarter for your business & planning a 4th qtr push?
  • Or does it mean something completely different to you?


Let me take you back to when you were a small child, think back and remember the excitement around your first day of school? It was the time of year when you shopped for some new clothes, sported a new haircut and who could forget posed for all those photos that mom took. Most of our family’s photos seem to be taken in front of my neighbor’s house. (Granted their lawn always looked greener and nicer than ours.)

It really was an exciting time where you could start fresh in a new grade, with a new teacher and new classmates. Do you remember what you were passionate about when you went into Kindergarten? Well, at five, many of us were passionate about riding our two wheel bikes for the first time, having a play date with a friend and going to big boy/girl school and maybe even sleeping in a big boy/girl bed. It was a time of milestones and I just had the pleasure of re-living this last week with my son.

Well, what is wrong with bringing this approach and excitement back in your professional and personal life. In September, my Jewish friends and neighbors have always celebrated Rosh Hashanah, their New Years. Shana tova to all of you.

However, you don’t have to be Jewish to start a new this September? Why not start making decisions for the remaining months left in 2012? Plan to finish your year the way you want and to embrace change and newness in your life?

Do you remember when you first set off to college? Most of us also started this journey in September and once again we were creating a fresh start in a new place? We each celebrated new beginnings, adventures and memories. This was a special and unforgettable time of our lives. Do you remember what you were passionate about then? Most of us and our friends were passionate about the school that we were attending, the major that we selected, the sports teams that we supported, the friends we hung out with and of course who could forget our first real taste of freedom. Remember that… What a feeling!

Use the magical time of the fall to bring back your memories. Get in touch with your passion and determine what you really want to do and then get busy and pursue it. If you need a coach, a mentor or an accountability partner along the way then embrace someone that can help you get to where you want to be. If you need my assistance in this quest by all means reach out to me.

Lisa Sasso
Executive Coach

P.S. September marks the start of the season for many groups and organizations. Why not find some groups that will continue to educate you and push both your knowledge and your networking to the next level? See links below to two noteworthy events that might be of interest to my Medical Device followers:

September 12, 2012 – North Shore Technology Council’s 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

September 19, 2012 – MDG’s September Forum Event at Lahey Clinic, “Clinical World is the Critical Partner for New Products and Technology”

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