Fall is here!

The leaves on the trees are just starting to change and some leaves have already started to fall.  Soon, an array of leaves will make a multi-colored blanket on your lawn.  It is a great time of year in New England!  Many locals take the leaves for granted and don’t always appreciate the beauty of the season.  Please look out a window and get curious about the trees and how quickly they are transforming and changing.

Like leaves changing color, do you want or need change in your life?  Well, then what is stopping you?  Did you know the primary reason people come to coaching is to take positive action in their lives?   Some positive actions are:  new jobs, promotions, setting goals, accountability and balance name a few.  People, who want change in their lives, seek a coach’s assistance to helping them make it happen.  As the leaves change color, they get noticed.  Driving personal change is one sure way to help you stand out in today’s challenging world.

Besides the foliage, what does October mean to you?  To me it clearly means a chance to take risks and explore new opportunities.  At Halloween, both kids and adults alike create new identities.  For some, it is being what they are not and for others it may be fulfilling a secret passion, love or desire.

If you’re a gal, do you remember dressing up like a princess, bride, nurse or ballerina?  The guys may remember dressing up as a police officer, fireman, cowboy or an action figure. The point is that we all have secret passions and desires.  As a child, we had the ability to be whatever we wanted to be for just one night.  We had a free pass to use our imaginations without being judged.  Did your fantasy as a child become fulfilled as an adult?  If so, what did it take to do that?  As a coach, I help people to get in touch with their passions if they want to be successful.  Don’t be afraid to hang on to your Halloween fantasy and embrace chance.

Well like the old Army slogan, you can “be all that you can be” and there is a path to get there!  You just have to decide what it is and what you really want.  This is easier said than done.  But when you know what you want it is easy to be focused.  What are your requirements?  Don’t be afraid of trying something new.  Don’t worry about judgment or criticism.  Lose your inhibitions!  Go out on Halloween and be whatever you want to be.  Really get into the character.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to address your passion.

If you are looking to discover or engage your passion, I recommend that you work with a coach.  I would be delighted to work with you; but first, you need to take your mask off and roll up your sleeves!  I am sure that your true passion can be as bright and vibrant as the colorful fall leaves on the trees right now.

Remember every day is an opportunity to experience transformation once you figure out what you want to change or address in your life.  Happy Halloween!

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