Don’t dwell on what went wrong.  Instead, focus on what to do next.  Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” Denis Waitley

Happy New Year!

It is the start of a New Year, 2016.  A beautiful blank canvas where you can create your masterful year on.  Enjoy this time in January to set your priorities and goals for what you want and need in 2016 both Personally & Professionally.  Also, think about the Balance that you want in your life and how you can live more fully by incorporating Gratitude into your everyday life.

My December Motivational Message was about sharing and giving your time to help others, which is the ultimate gift.  It also contained a Holiday Photo.  This post was not only my most read message, but I also received the most comments from it.  If you missed it click here.  Thank you for all the emails and feedback and most importantly for being part of my community.

January is about setting yourself up for success.  You can determine what you want to do & achieve.  Each year since I started coaching, I have given my time to help people focus on Goals.  In the past, I offered a webinar, but this year I am planning to run A Complimentary Goal Setting for Success Workshop.  In addition to providing clarity and direction, the workshop will provide people with an approach for setting goals and be ready to have their best year. During the workshop, you will write meaningful goals that also let you live with gratitude.  It all starts with your VALUES.  For more information, and to reserve your spot, please visit my website by clicking here.

I believe in reflecting and learning from the past and then moving forward into the future. To do this, you have to understand what you want to accomplish this year in all areas of your life?  If you live in the present (here & now) but also like to plan things to do and achieve in the future, then coaching could be very helpful to you.  You can always achieve more if you have a trusted advisor by your side.  Please Consider Coaching as a New Year’s Gift to yourself.  If you believe in helping yourself to achieve all that you desire both personally and professionally with both balance and with gratitude, you might consider a deep-dive introspective look at your life from all aspects.  A Discovery Session is sure to give you some clarity and focus for the New Year.  Click here to learn more.

Everyone deserves to have their own coach, and I am no exception to that rule (thank you Ann!).  If you have a coach in your corner you understand the benefits. 2015 was my best year ever personally (my family enjoyed 3 weeks of vacation and a lot of long weekends together) and professionally (I recorded my highest revenue since I started coaching).  Business & Family are both going great and I wish the same for you.  My most important value is integrity, as one of my clients shared with me, “Lisa not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.”

Start 2016 off right, both Personally & Professionally, and set the right goals for you. Achieve your Best Year Ever! My time is my New Year’s gift to you.

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

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