Crane’s Beach, First Date & Ice Cream!

Summertime and the Livin’ used to be easy. Now, it’s I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream. NOW! We are so tired of being locked down. But there are some places we can go safely – to the Ice Cream Shop and to accomplish some of our goals.

On Sunday, July 19, it was 96 degrees, and me and my besties (Laura and Elizabeth) and John Robert and his best friend David all enjoyed a relaxing day at Crane’s Beach. Every couple of hours, we were motivated to beat the heat and jump in the cold but very refreshing water.

We were also motivated to walk along the beautiful beach and our two 13-year-old teenagers had us enjoying a fun game of Marco Polo. We ended a perfect day with some homemade ice cream before heading home. It was a special day!

Tuesday, July 21, was my husband John and my 36-year dating anniversary. Yes, this is the infamous story of the 18-year-old boy who wore a black leather jacket and drove a car and the 15-year-old girl who just finished her freshman year of high school.

We went to the movies, saw Karate Kid (part 1), and then went out for ice cream sundaes at Brigham’s… Long story short, my parents knew that I was going out with friends from work. John was a friend from work, but they were expecting girls and not a boy that was going off to college.

Thank goodness, John came into the house with me to meet my parents. We rang the doorbell and waited for them to let us in. They had the interrogation chair ready in the middle of the living room. My younger brother had seen me sneak out and had reported the news hours before. They were happy to hear that he was Italian, Catholic, and an Eagle Scout. He also graduated third in his class from AHS and he was going to Tufts on a full scholarship.

I was still grounded for two weeks. However, my parents really liked him and allowed me to date him. The moral of the story is that I took a chance, and it was worth it because 36 years later we are still happily together. We make sure that we always have an ice cream sundae on July 21 to celebrate our special day.

So, in these times, what can you find to take a chance on? You know it’s important.  Are you ready to find a coach to help you focus on the activities and skills that require risk-taking and that can bring you happiness, a sense of well-being, and success?

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