Celebrations of Holidays and Birthdays in Uncertain Times!

n the midst of uncertain times, we must celebrate and carry on. We are anxious about our isolation, necessity to remain inside, shortages of supplies, money, health insurance, and a myriad other issues. We worry about those who’ve contracted Covid-19 and grieve for those who’ve succumbed to the disease. Many of us are impatient with the extra time required to wash our hands for 20 seconds a zillion times a day, to do numerous loads of laundry, and to keep our homes clean and sanitary.

Yet, we can be grateful for our existing life. We can celebrate our holidays, birthdays, and accomplishments and those of others. And we can use this crazy time to improve our skills and work/life balance for now and the future. We must be resourceful and hang in there.


Not everything is bad. In fact, there is much to be grateful for. The first thing that comes to mind this spring/Easter season is gratitude for my nuclear and extended family. And, for the fact that currently, we are all well and healthy.

Other things to be grateful for include being able to make weekly trips for groceries (Thank you grocery workers), pick up needed medications (Thank you pharmacists, assistants, sales people, and others), and physically able to take walks on sunny days. It was not until my supplies of soaps, other cleaning products, and toilet paper were low or depleted that I appreciated their value.

In addition, I have found people more pleasant these days. Before jumping into business topics, people exchange pleasant salutations and heartfelt greetings.


Last week was Holy Week for those of us who are Christians. But it just wasn’t the same. Each year for the past 12 years, I’ve hosted an Easter/birthday dinner for about 40 people at our home. Including birthdays as part of the celebration is due to the many birthdays in April. Aunt Kathy’ birthday was on Easter this year; Papa Sasso and Aunt Judy’s birthdays are on April 15th, and my son, John Robert, and Nana Sasso’s birthdays are on the 23rd. My father-n-law (Papa Sasso) will turn 80 on April 15.

Despite the requirement for physical distancing, we still had a dinner on Easter this year and we conversed with our extended family and friends via two Zoom video-conference calls. Each of us could see and talk with all the others. We wished each other Easter blessings, and we gave birthday wishes to each of the birthday folks. I prepared lasagna, meatballs, and salad, and served numerous delicious desserts.

How did you celebrate your spring holidays – Easter, Passover or other holidays? I hope that you were able to enjoy a good meal with your immediate family and, possibly through Zoom, Skype, or another conference call application, share the holiday with your extended family and friends.


Regardless of whether April is your birthday month or not, I want to share a present with you. Anyone who starts one of my coaching programs in April will receive a complimentary Professional Assessment Test, valued at $50. Now is a good time to invest in yourself and work on your values and work/life balance. This is especially true for those who are not accustomed to working at home.

I also have a new offer – Laser-Coaching. Laser Coaching provides you with four short 15-minute sessions per month that are designed to focus on a single, current issue. My offer can help people start coaching without the upfront costs in this Covid-19 world. If you are interested in this program, please schedule a (free) mini-consult (click here) so we can discuss if this is right for you. I have been participating in laser coaching with my own coach for some time now and have found it to be extremely valuable.  In this introductory period, I plan to limit the number of Laser Coaching clients and offer this at a discount as compared to my normal coaching rates.

John Robert and a Special Request

I can’t believe that our son will be a teenager in two weeks. His birthday is on April 23. If you can, please call him on his birthday at our home number781-944-6274, or reply to this email. I want him to realize he is valued and loved by many.

John Robert participates online in his seventh-grade school subjects and in his drama and dancing activities. It is amazing how much can be done remotely. I am so impressed with how mature he has become. He is a little bored being in the house all the time. But when the weather is nice, he and his best friends, David and Ryan, play outdoors or ride their bikes.

Until We Meet Again

At times like this, we need to be resourceful. And we all must continue to do our parts to stay safe and to keep healthy.

I hope that this message finds you all doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone on this thread and their families, friends, and neighbors who have been impacted by COVID-19. 

Wishing you and your families health, happiness, and safety. Together, we will get through this.
With gratitude and best wishes
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