“Celebrate Good Times.” – Kool & the Gang

Sigma Delta Tau celebrated our 100 year anniversary of sisterhood since our sororities founding and I organized a PSI chapter dinner.  We had 9 sisters attend and we all had a great time.  Sisters are forever.

John and I got away for a real second honeymoon.  We were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we went away to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun Mexico.  It was called the Hard Rock Resort on Riviera Mia.  There was no cooking, no cleaning, and no work.  We left our laptops at home and also no children.  Yes, we missed our son terribly.  But we called him each night and we knew that he was in great hands with both sets of Grandparents and his aunts and uncle.  Our minds were at ease.  We had everything that we needed and so didn’t he.

On Sunday night when we celebrated our anniversary, we enjoyed a Romantic dinner on the beach with candlelight, champagne, a paparazzi and an accordion and a violinist.  We also had a day of adventure where we went to a breathtaking snorkeling bay.  Then we flew on 3 zip lines, then extreme rappelling down a tower structure and finally experiencing an underground cenote and seeing the stalactites and stalagmites.  What a vacation.  I actually called this the ultimate couple’s vacation.  It was amazing.  Do you know when you really need a vacation?  When you come back and your completely at ease.  That was an amazing 7 days and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Have you taken a vacation with just your spouse recently?  It can really cement your relationship and take you back to the past.  Who can’t use an ultimate break with no responsibilities?  We found it very fulfilling and it was an ultimate celebration.

Last but not least we had a huge family gathering for dinner on Easter Sunday with 20 people at the house.  Then we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday (believe it or not he is now in double digits).  We also celebrated Aunt Kathy’s, Aunt Judy’s, and Papa Sasso and Nanny Sasso’s birthdays.  We had the whole family together for some good old fashion celebrating.  It is so wonderful how well our families get along and it is a pleasure for us to host everyone.  Do you have family traditions like this?  We have been hosting this holiday for everyone for 10 years and each year is more rewarding.

There was a lot of celebrating that I wanted to acknowledge.  I hope that there was celebrating at your home.  Family traditions make life special.  What traditions do you have that are dear to you?

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

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