Happy New Year!

“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.”
~ Brian Tracy

The Year in Review

The Sassos had a busy year.  We enjoyed a summer vacation at the Hard Rock Café resort in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. We had a blast swimming in the many pools and lazy rivers, as well as in the ocean. The food was delicious.  Although John Robert got a little sick, that didn’t slow him down.  We also watched a theater performance each night.

In August, John Robert played the role of Michael in Peter Pan, and did a great job. Three days later, he started at Learning Prep, his new middle school.  He was only able to attend for one day, and then he had his open-heart surgery.  He was in and out of the Intensive Care Unit in only 2 days—and he made it out of the hospital in only 4 days.  It was a whirlwind ride!

He made it back to school at the end of September, and in October, John Robert and his friend Jason played the two wicked stepsisters in the musical Cinderella. The boys stole the show. My son as a drag queen, it was funny. He’s pursuing Jazz, Tap, Drama, and Boy Scouts.

John is still working for Nextegic, and he is going on 4 years. Lisa is still working for herself, and doing her coaching and motivational speaking.  This year Lisa earned her PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation for coaching— through the ICF (International Coach Federation), and also her PSM (Professional Speakers Member) for speaking—through the NSA (National Speakers Association).

Mom and Dad Tosi celebrated their birthdays in December, and Mom and Dad Sasso had their birthdays in April. All the grandparents are doing well. Dad Sasso had both knees replaced this year.  Mom Tosi is still suffering from memory issues.

This past year I was able to donate more than $1,000 to Children’s Hospital from the proceeds of my book, Motivation Now!. I thank you and appreciate all of you who purchased my book.  Now, I am giving back to you and Children’s Hospital in the form of my Goal Setting Seminar on the 30th.

Please save the date for Goal Setting for Success with Accountability, Balance and Gratitude on Wed., January 30, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm (use the sign-up genius link below to reserve your spot).

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year. I hope you and everyone in your family are healthy and well. — From The Sasso’s

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

As your trusted adviser, Lisa empowers you to use passion to live your best life and achieve your goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.

Season’s Greetings Now!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of December;  the end of the year will be here before you know it.  Have you met your goals for 2018?  There are still a few weeks left.

And looking ahead, if you want to start off your new year right with new goals for 2019you’ll want to attend my 4th Annual Goal Setting for Success with Accountability, Balance and Gratitude Seminar.  Click here for more information on the Seminar. It’s a fundraiser, so there is no cost for the session, but you are encouraged to give a nominal amount to Boston Children’s Hospital (suggested donation $10-$20).

You may know that my son had open heart surgery at Children’s in August of this year, and this is one way I give back to them.  I also sell my books, and 50% of the proceeds go to Children’s Hospital. (If you’d like to buy my book, click here for a link to Amazon).  I’m pleased to let you know that I’m writing out a check for over $1,000 to Children’s Hospitalfrom my book sales— and if you bought a book, I thank you.  My goal is to collect another $500-$700 in donations at my workshop for Children’s Hospital; that’s 50-70 people giving just $10 each.

December is a giving time of year. Doesn’t it feel good to be giving as opposed to receiving?  This is the month when we give to all our favorite charities.  Make sure that you donate to your special causes, groups, clubs and schools. No matter what holiday you celebrate,

• Enjoy time with your family and friends.
• Enjoy the good food and tasty desserts.
• Enjoy the magic in the season.

Here is a photo from our house after putting up our tree.  Wishing you best wishes from our house to yours.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at my 4thAnnual Goal Setting Seminar, mentioned above.  First come, first served, and I’m offering it first to all you wonderful friends who read my Monthly Motivational Message blog, so that you can sign up if you want to go.  Also, you’re welcome to bring a friend, just make sure that you’re both registered through the Sign Up Genius (link below). The seminar is scheduled for: January 30th –  6:30-8:30 pm, at Constant Contact in Waltham.  Click here for more information.

And thank you in advance for your generosity.  I feel that we have a TEAM approach to Goal Setting and working together: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Again, my sincere good wishes for a spectacular holiday season.  I look forward to seeing many of you on January 30th.  Until then, enjoy your holidays. Happy New Year!

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

As your trusted adviser, Lisa empowers you to use passion to live your best life and achieve your goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.

Thanks Now!

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family

MedDevCoach believes Thanksgiving is a special time—an opportunity for us to give thanks; to express our deepest gratitude for our family, friends and our valued clients.

We also want to thank the Red Sox for their outstanding showmanship this season. Congratulations on being World Champs once again!  They really played well, and we saw some amazing games—especially in the World Series.  I am curious to know how many people stayed up to 3 a.m. during Game 3 (I know that I wasn’t alone).  It was too bad we lost that game; however, we came back with even more energy and showed people what the Red Sox were made of.  They had a lot of grit.

I also want to take a moment to thank God for the miraculous work that Dr. del Nido did on John Robert on August 29th, and for his quick recovery.  He’s doing great, and he’s now participating in gym and all of his extracurricular activities (tap, jazz, drama, Boy Scouts, altar boy).

John Robert is truly doing outstandingly well.  Thank you!  I mean this sincerely from the bottom of my heart.  He has made a smooth transition to his new school, Learning Prep.  He likes his teachers, the students and even the subjects.  One of his classes is Performing Arts; I think that’s his favorite subject. He still participates in a local drama club, and was just in the play Cinderella this past weekend.  It featured him and another boy playing the two wicked step-sisters.  They were hysterically funny, and they milked the applause.

And now is my time to say thank you to all of you who continue to keep my son in your thoughts and prayers. Take a few minutes to think about what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.
With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

As your trusted adviser, Lisa empowers you to use passion to live your best life and achieve your goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.

Event Now!

“People will not give you their hand until they can see your heart.
— John Maxwell

The above quote really resonated with me.  I believe in showing people my heart, and this message to you comes from my heart: thanks for all the continued support.  My son, John Robert, is not only back to school after his open-heart surgery, but he is also back to several of his activities—dancing, drama and Boy Scouts.  It’ s great to have him doing so well.  He is full of energy, and just gained back the 6 pounds that he lost at the hospital. We are so blessed.  It will take a few more weeks until he is swimming or playing basketball; he just needs to heal.  Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.  They have certainly worked, and they have meant so much to me and my family.

And now, how are you doing?  It’s already the beginning of the 4thQuarter; as you spring to the end-of-year finish line, what are you going to do to make it memorable?  Have you set up goals that you want to complete by the end of December?  Have you written them down, and are you looking at them on a daily—or at least weekly— basis? With 75 more days to go before the year ends, there’s still plenty of time to achieve most goals.

Speaking of goals, I am moderating an event for MDG on Tuesday, October 16th at 5:30 pm entitled “Transitioning into and within the Medical Device Industry.”  I will have a stellar panel consisting of Keith Faucher from Getinge, Steven Colbert from CardioFocus, and Andrea Cahill from Boston Scientific, as well as several guests discussing Networking.  This is the 12th Annual Event that I’ve had the privilege of putting together for MDG.  It is being held at Regis College in Weston, MA.  If you’re in the medical device industry, or if you want to get into the field or learn more about the Industry, I encourage you to come and join us.  It will be time and money well spent.   It’s only $25 if you register in advance.  To learn more or to register, please click here.

Also, I wanted to acknowledge my book Motivation Now!  which has just celebrated its first-year anniversary. This year certainly went by quickly.  My goal last year was to finish the book and to have 50 reviews on Amazon and I am proud to say that I was able to make both goals.  This year my goal was to conduct 20 paid speeches and to go from being an Academy member with National Speakers Association to a Professional Member.  I completed this goal and I met a lot of great people along the way that are now part of my members.  It is not to late to leave a review, I greatly appreciate every review on Amazon.  Wow what can happen in a year!

I know many of you already have a copy of Motivation Now! (thank you!).  But if you haven’t and would like one, please check out Amazon to order your copy.  You can alsoview the first chapter for free (click here) and learn about goal setting— which fits into your working on your quarterly goals.  If you buy my book online it’s $12.99 plus shipping, or you can buy it directly from me for only $10.00 (no tax and no shipping charge). Just a reminder: I donate 50% of the proceeds to Children’s Hospital.   Send me an email if you are interested in purchasing directly from me.

Thanks for all of your love, help and support.  It all goes back to the quote on the top of this page.  I hope that you see my heart.  I also hope to see you at the Transitioning meeting next Tuesday, October the 16th.  It really does take a village to put on an event like this.

Have a great weekend!
With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

As your trusted adviser, Lisa empowers you to use passion to live your best life and achieve your goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.