What were you watching on February 1, 2015? The 49th Super Bowl would be my answer.

What a game! It was close, it was exciting, and it was downright unpredictable. Although if you are a true Patriots fan; one never loses hope. So with less than 30 seconds left in the final quarter, it looked like the outcome was not going to be good; that’s when it happened. When I watched Malcolm Butler’s interception at the 1-yard line it proved to me that anything was possible. What an incredible game! What an incredible memory! The Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl and were once again on top of the world. Bostonians are proud. We persevered through three tough quarters, but we never gave up hope.

February 2015 is going down in history as the highest snowfall month in Boston of all time (85 inches). For the season, we’ve received slightly over 100 inches in Boston proper (#2 all time, and the potential to be #1 is only 7 inches away). The difference between this and other seasons is that the snow all fell within a four-week period of time. We had four storms in 3 1/2 weeks. And kids were out of school every Monday and Tuesday in the beginning of February and some snowbanks are still over 6 feet high. Massachusetts parents and kids persevered.

If you need some help in perseverance, don’t delay, call Lisa today. Everyone gets into difficult situations in their lives, whether it be at work, school, home or otherwise. Part of persevering requires that you have a plan, know where you are heading, and staying on course. An executive coach is just the right partner to help you with all of those activities.

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