My best wishes for a Happy New Year to you, your families and companies!

May 2013 be filled with good health, happiness and success.

It is a new year, a fresh start and a clean canvas on which to paint your unique 2013 picture.  Now is the time to set your personal and professional goals that will be accomplished throughout the year.  Are you ready for this challenge?  As a thank you for a great 2012, and to assist you, I am offering a Goal Setting Call as my gift to you.  How would it feel to convert your resolutions into actionable goals, kick start your life and take charge of your destiny?

Let’s not forget about 2012. It is one thing to say that you set goals or that you made resolutions last year, but did you celebrate achieving them on New Year’s Eve? If not, why not?  What will you do differently in 2013 and how will you reward yourself for your achievements?  If you are not good to yourself, who will be?

I love what I do each and every day, do you?  My work is rewarding and fulfilling, is yours?  I empower people to take control of their lives.  When one does that, they can live the life they want to live by setting meaningful goals and celebrating their success.

With gratitude and best wishes

Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach

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