April is my son’s birthday month, so I would like to dedicate this e-letter to him. His positive attitude is contagious. Although he has faced many challenges, he takes things in stride and continues to bring love to everyone he encounters. I have always realized that attitude is important, however, from the moment I was pregnant I realized how essential attitude is to ultimately achieving your goals.

April- What is your Attitude and why?

I believe that my positive attitude significantly contributed to my son making it safely into the world (against all odds). Some of you know his incredible cardiac story and others can read about it when I finish my forthcoming book, “Follow Your Heart“.

Wayne Gretzky is quoted, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” This is a clear example of a positive attitude. As many of you know and realize, Wayne is one of the best hockey players of all times. But he didn’t achieve his success independently. He had the right attitude, outstanding teammates and excellent coaches to keep him on track and to help him reach his greatness. I honestly believe that everyone can benefit from working with a coach.

Coaching is very productive for people that are focused on where they currently are (the present) and where they want to be (in the future). These individuals have the right attitude, they know what they want and they are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams and desires. I am blessed to share my gifts with these positive people.

We have heard about this famous glass for years.

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? 

What do you see?

If you see it as half empty you are probably always looking for more and that things are never good enough, (hence the glass is not filled enough).

If you see the glass as half full you appreciate what you have, you are optimistic, you look at things in a different way and often ask yourself what is possible with excitement and positivity.

Attitude has become an important differentiator in today’s competitive job market. With so many people looking for new opportunities, companies choose individuals that possess the right attitude. Remember that your attitude is hard to hide. People can see a positive attitude by the way you carry yourself, your confidence, your handshake and even the inflections and tone in your voice. Positive people are not afraid to laugh, to joke and to smile. In a matter of seconds, my 6 years old son can determine if you are happy simply by looking at your smile. Remember that having a positive attitude is your choice.

If you are ready to have a transformation in your life, start with your attitude!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach

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