Last month’s motivational message was “Attitude is Everything”, thanks for all the great feedback.  I am glad to hear the positive impact that this piece had on many of you.  Keep up the great work!  Today, I want to expand that theme with my “Tribute to Mom” and talk about Gratitude.  Have you ever heard of having an Attitude of Gratitude?

As parents, we all love (or should) love our children unconditionally.  They are our personal blessings on this earth, an extension of ourselves, our legacy.  However, we all also have a very special place in our hearts for our parents, especially our mothers.  Love and gratitude are two words that seem to go together when talking about these special ladies.  Mom’s are the selfless women that not only gave us life but have also had a tremendous influence on shaping our lives and helping us to become who we are today. Our mothers were our first teachers.  They were our first nurturers.  They provided us with food, clothing, shelter and most importantly LOVE.  My motivational message today is to remember your mom and to reach out to her and express your thanks and appreciation.  Mother’s Day is really every day from the moment that one becomes a mom.  But it is nice to have a unique day when all moms can be honored and celebrated.

I am personally blessed to have two mothers who I love dearly.  My natural mother, who gave me life and so much more, and my 2nd mom, my mother-n-law (MIL).  I have known and loved my MIL since 1984 when I started dating her son, 29 years ago.  I just don’t know what I would do without either of them in my life.  They are two of my very best friends.  They are the first people that I reach out to call each morning and they are the last people that I check in on each evening.  I will always be thankful and appreciative for the love that these two ladies have shared with me and my family.  I have learned so much from them and I could never quantify or express everything that they have done for me.  

The two biggest things that I have learned from both of them is how to LOVE and also how to live a meaningful life.  They have both been married for over 47 years and live simple yet fulfilled lives centered around God and family.

My heart goes out to my friends and colleagues whose moms are no longer with us.  I am sure that Mother’s Day can be a difficult day.  I know that they still remember their mom’s and honor them in their own way.  Most of us need, want and desire love.  But to receive the love you need to give love.  Most of us learned this simple lesson from our moms.

Whether or not you were able to do something special for your Mom on Mother’s Day, please pick up the phone and just say, Thank You or tell them how you feel about them!  Doesn’t it feel good to really be acknowledged and appreciated?  Doesn’t your mom deserve this?  Well, a heartfelt Thank You can certainly go a long way.

Wishing you, your family and your Moms a very special Mother’s Day.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach

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