Executive Coaching Testimonials

I would definitely recommend working with Lisa. My coaching sessions with Lisa have truly provided me growth professionally and personally. I started working with Lisa at the final stage of interviews with a new company, and continued with her through my first several months. I found her thoughtful questions and practical suggestions very beneficial; and can honestly say that after every session I was glad we had spoken. Lisa’s insights and feedback have helped to grow my confidence that as a professional I am able to bring true value to an organization, and that my combination of skills can be applied in many ways. I have also gained insight to more openly quantify what is important to me in balancing my life’ professionally & personally.

Kelly Burke Program Manager Product Development at AngioDynamics

I highly recommend executive coaching with Lisa. Lisa’s approach is not formulaic, but rather is based on a careful consideration of the client and what they would like to achieve with their career. She provides valuable perspective based on her successful experiences in corporate leadership balanced with a drive to get the most out of life, be it in our outside of the workplace. She is very good at recognizing areas which need improvement as well as how to play to ones strengths, all while maintaining an attitude of encouragement. Most of all, clients come away with a much better understanding of themselves, which I personally found vital to my own professional development.

Geoff Moodie Medical Device and Combination Product Specialist

I would highly recommend coaching with Lisa. She helped me to broaden my thinking in order to think more ‘outside the box’ for what I might be able to do. I had some ideas that I’d never developed, and she encouraged me to work in that direction. She was able to introduce me to an acquaintance of hers that could further the development of this venture. She’ll encourage you to approach problems with a positive outlook, and minimize negative thinking. She’s a very good listener, and keeps track of your discussions, and will often relate back to prior information to help you move forward. She always comes across as honest and sincere, and truly wanting to be a helpful influence.

Clint Frary Investment Consultant at Scottrade

I attended two of Lisa’s Goal Setting workshops, one over the phone and one in person, and I worked with her as a coach at a time I felt at a crossroads. In each case, I walked away with deeper insights about my personal and professional preferences, which helped me make better career and life choices.

Lisa’s workshops and “homework” assignments used a structured approach that made me “dig deeper” into my true likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. I also liked her holistic approach that takes both heart and mind into consideration.

I recommend Lisa’s coaching services to anyone faced with personal or professional uncertainty, change, or personal transformation.

Birgit Mohney Marketing Consultant at Global Marketing Services

Looking for someone to help you achieve your next goal or survive your next challenge? Big or small, Lisa can help. Though I’ve known Lisa professionally for many years, it was during a period of intense personal and professional upheaval that I first became a client. After an initial discovery interview where we discussed my desired areas of focus, we quickly got to work with regular meetings and phone calls. The resulting journey of self-discovery helped me to envision and then to achieve many of the changes that I sought in my life. With Lisa’s gentle guidance and assistance as an accountability partner, I gradually gained a better understanding of the path that I’d traveled and the adjustments–mostly minor–that I wanted to make in my life.

The most challenging and life-changing work that I did with Lisa involved integration of my core values into my daily actions. I was amazed that I’d never really thought about or documented the qualities that are most important to ME. Without this important understanding, how could I possibly hope to make decisions that were right for ME? Lisa guided me through this transformational process – both as a coach and as a powerful example of a value-centered mother, wife, professional, and friend. And for her assistance, I will be always grateful.

Bottom line, I highly recommend Lisa and her services.

Terri Marion Product Management | Marketing | Engineering | Operations

I engaged with Lisa as a career coach with a particular focus on the medical device field in the Greater Boston area. From our first exploratory session, I knew I made a great decision. Her understanding of the industry, not just from the corporate side, but from the personnel side was both broad and deep. Lisa introduced me to several highly influential people, who in turn worked their networks to afford me access to key decision makers with whom I’d never have been able to connect on my own. Beyond her fantastic network, she was a kind a caring coach, helping me work through some stumbling blocks and challenges to achieve goals we set out early on in our work process.

Along with such excellent career-based interactions, I felt like Lisa made a personal investment in me, not just in helping me with my efforts in searching out interesting opportunities, but in looking in the mirror beyond work-related matters. I thoroughly enjoyed our time working together and look forward to an ongoing professional relationship over the years.

Matthew Glass VP / Director of Manufacturing & Operations | Solutions-Oriented | Continuous Improvement Mindset

I used Lisa’s Coaching services in the past and I found the sessions extremely worthwhile. Lisa’s communication style and delivery of information is right on target and encompasses full circle. She takes in account not only the business side of life but reinforces the need for balance in home and work. With her vast amount of experience in the medical profession she was able to provide insight and guidance to me that proved very worthwhile. I would highly recommend Lisa for her invaluable coaching services.

Patricia K. Mills Territory Sales Manager at Universal Medical

Glen BunnellI have had the pleasure to work with Lisa Sasso as my career coach for the last several months. Lisa was wonderful to work with. She epitomizes the word coach, having a unique ability to support, prod, challenge, and get the best results from those that she works with. She has a very deep network that she was always willing to share to help me make connections and move my resume “to the top of the pile” in specific situations. Lisa was very supportive in my search, but she also knew how to push to make me think deeper about what I could do differently with specific searches that would help me stand out. Each time I applied for a job or went in for an interview, I thought of that advice and strove to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. I received very positive feedback when I did that and have made significant progress in my search as a result of Lisa’s coaching. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to move their career forward and looking for someone that will support and challenge them to be their best.
Glen Bunnell

“Lisa is an intelligent and compassionate motivational speaker and executive coach that focuses on helping professionals develop in the medical device and life sciences fields. Whether you attend one of her regular speaking engagements at associations like MDG Boston or become one of her coaching clients, she ensures that everyone’s personal and professional life is enhanced. I highly recommend hiring her if you are looking to produce exceptional results in your life and career.”

Michael Krieger, President, End Business Consultants, Co-Founder, Health Innovators

Nancy Feeney“I have been able to prioritize my daily, weekly, and monthly schedule better with the skills Lisa has helped me with. Lisa was very easy to work with even during difficult personal struggles. I have not only been able to schedule personal time for me, but also have been able to meet the demands of my busy schedule. Our time together has benefited me greatly. I look forward to future goal setting and positive life altering decisions to be made. Thanks Lisa, for all of your support!”

Nancy Feeney, Trainer at Steward Medical Group

Julia Rita-Di Pietro“I am so thankful for having had Lisa as my coach. I received so much from our time together.

Lisa was key in helping me move forward in both my career and also my personal life. She really helped me identify the random, disjointed thoughts that were rattling around in my head, and clarified them so I could create a plan and define specific actions.

I grew and learned a lot during my time working with her. Lisa is a skilled, executive coach. She helped me to identify my goals and put a framework around meeting them. Most importantly, Lisa is incredibly caring and has such an authentic character that you can easily open up and know that you are sharing with someone who genuinely cares for you and helps you to reach your goals – and beyond.”

Julia Rita-Di Pietro, Program Manager, College and Workforce Readiness Training and Development, Non-Profit Administration

darcy_m“Lisa was able to give me strength and direction when I needed it the most. Her methodical approach allowed me to organize my thoughts on my current life situation and allowed me to clearly see a direction that I wanted to go in that was not only suitable for me, but for my ever growing family. Because of her help and guidance, I have continued being a successful full-time working mother and am thriving at both. I strongly recommend using Lisa if you feel that your path is becoming muddled by indecision or lack of direction. Lisa and the business she has built are never far from my mind.”

Darcy Martin, Sales Account Manager, Clariant Masterbatches

marcL“Lisa provided me with great support as an executive coach during a career transition. She helped me with setting the right goals and making sure I was balancing the professional and personal parts of my life. She also made sure that I stayed on track with my networking activities, Lisa is a great person who really knows how to connect with people at multiple levels. She is always positive and enthusiastic and that rubs off on people around her. In addition, Lisa is well connected in the medical device community and introduced me to many great people in that field helping me to expand my network. I highly recommend Lisa as an executive coach and would not hesitate to contact her to explore how she can help you.”

Marc Levine, Product and Business Development Executive

I first met Lisa Sasso at a speaking event at MDG over a year ago where she was leading the discussion “How to Transition into the Medical Device Industry.” In speaking with her I was impressed with her knowledge of the key players in the Medical Device business space. I was also impressed with her real world CEO level experience as well.

My goal at the time was both business development and trying to up-level my skill set as a business owner. I could see immediately that Lisa’s concrete experience could help me to grow my business and my customer base to build my company to a successful one.

Lisa has not only helped me with finding a market for my company but she has helped me to keep moving forward to improve my business acumen. I would highly recommend Lisa as an excellent executive coach and a highly effective and informative speaker.”

Nancy Knettell, CEO, Signet Medical Systems

“Lisa Sasso is a dynamic individual, accomplished professional who has an amazing ability to connect people. I have seen Lisa tackle an array of roles demonstrating success, consummate professionalism and excellence with every undertaking. Lisa has the ability to utilize different skill sets in harmony and has an uncanny knack to make connections with a variety of people in a variety of ways. I am constantly impressed with her ability as a coach, mentor and executive. Her aptitude and passion for everything she does truly set’s Lisa head and shoulders above the rest. I would highly recommend Lisa as a coach, mentor and professional. Her encouragement, example and her guidance has made a tremendously positive impact on my professional and personal life.”

Joseph Berkowitz, VP Business Development, Medical Development Group of Boston