Executive Coach


“Lisa Sasso’s experience and success in business is impressive and the reason I wanted to work with her however, it is her passion and enthusiasm that I am most impressed with. Lisa is a consummate professional who is completely and unselfishly using her experience and knowledge to mentor professionals. Her experience and personal successes are only exceeded by her desire to help others to achieve their full potential in both their business and professional lives. I am pleasantly surprised by the progress I have made in the past 6 months working with Lisa. I highly recommend Lisa Sasso as a business coach.” 

Maureen Brennan, Clinical Manager, Neoventa Medical

President and CEO, Radi Medical Systems, Inc.

Lisa Ken Photo“I was hired as a founding member of Radi Medical Systems, Inc (Radi) in 2000 by Lisa Sasso. My experience prior to this position was as a director of multiple departments running a Cardiovascular Program in Southern California.
During my five year tenure at Radi I reported directly to Lisa Sasso first as a Clinical Sales Representative and then as Clinical Sales Manager. Lisa’s mentoring helped me to excel in the Clinical Sales position and her leadership made the decision to move my family from CA to MA to join the Radi management team an easy one. It was Lisa’s vision that a Clinical Sales model would be the right approach for the company, and it ultimately grew into the hiring profile for Radi. She shared her passion for the product(s) and organization with her team, the Swedish parent company, and customers. Lisa was not afraid of hard work, in fact many of the key physicians were initially trained by Lisa, and she garnered the respect of those in industry, competitors and partners alike.
Lisa built a high performance team driven by her leadership and coaching of the Sales and Marketing Departments. I have never worked for a harder working individual with the utmost integrity in conducting business on a day to day basis. Lisa’s strategic approach lead to growth at Radi from a basement start-up to over a 30 million dollar organization. Working for Lisa Sasso changed the direction of my life due to her mentoring, coaching and friendship for over the past 12 years.
I would whole heartedly recommend Lisa Sasso as a Company Leader, A Visionary and an Executive Coach. Lisa’s positive approach and drive greatly influenced me as well as many other clinical specialists and seasoned sales professionals.”

Ken Willliams, Sales/Clinical Manager, Radi Medical Systems, Inc.

Executive Coach


“I hired Lisa last year to be my coach, to help me grow my confidence, assist with balancing out my life (which is challenging), and help me define future goals and most of all accomplish them.

I met Lisa several years at The CEO Place in Auburndale and loved her enthusiasm for life!! Then several years later, we reconnected at MDG in Newton when she was President and we have remained in touch ever since.

I have to say that Lisa has a love for life!! Within the last year, Lisa and I have really connected on a personal level and professional love. She is a wonderful mom, wife, friend and coach!! As a result of coaching with Lisa, my confidence has accelerated!! I needed someone to guide me and reassure me that I was doing to right thing and if I wasn’t to please let me know….. Lisa did just that.

She assisted me in a better way of working with my managers and handling situations thrown my way!!! She was available when I needed it…..whether it was dinner time or playtime, she made sure she was 100% there, if at all possible!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend Lisa as a Coach and a true friend!!!

Thank you for helping me grow as a person!! “

Patti Clark, Finance & Accounting, CIMCON

President Medical Development Group (MDG)

“Lisa and I worked together for the Medical Development Group from 2007 – 2010. Lisa was a major contributor to the Medical Development Group becoming the premier professional society in New England focused on the medical technology professional. She prioritized tasks and did not allow herself to be distracted by tasks off the critical path. In her interactions with others, Lisa was always gracious and clear. Lisa is an asset to any organization.”

John Wlassich, Vice President, Medical Development Group of Boston