“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky 

Last month I wrote about football and this month I turn to hockey with Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote about not skating to where the puck has been, but rather to skate to where the puck is going to be.  I see that signed Cam Neely shirt in my son’s room everyday when I make the beds and it reminds me of his famous quote.

Since I am talking about Hockey, I can’t help but mention that Arlington High School won over Central Catholic in 2-1 in overtime.  It was a real nail biter.  It could have gone either way.  The victory gave the Arlington Spy Ponders the Super 8 Championship; that means they are State Champs.  Way to go Arlington!  For anyone that doesn’t know John and I both grew up in Arlington and we met at Arlington High School.  Both of our parents still reside in Arlington. My older brother Bob is Mr. Arlington and he is involved in many activities and with so many groups in Arlington.  Yes, the Arlington roots are deep.

So why am I telling you all this.  The Arlington Spyponders did a great job.  When a team gets together to accomplish a goal then they can do it with ease and they do it with cooperation.  Behind every good team is usually a great coach.  Just like in real life behind every real good person there is usually a great coach guiding the person to personal and professional victories.  They help them to achieve their goals in life.  Do you have a coach in your life helping you achieve your personal and professional goals?  Do you have someone that can assist you in your game of life?  Do you have a confidante, a mentor, or an accountability partner?  If you do, good for you.  If you do not, it isn’t too late.

Anyone that plays on a team understands that every player is important and it is the actions of everyone that make a team great.  The Patriot’s have mastered this to a science, with the help of their well known coach Bill Belichick.   Arlington’s Hockey team did so as well.   Well, there are so many lessons that we can learn from each of them.  First, there is no “I” in team; every player is important.  Second, even super players can have tough stressful days and fans need to maintain their faith.  Third, that the coach is a valuable part of the team and is the glue that leads the team to victory.

If you don’t have a coach you can easily get one.  To learn more about coaching with Lisa, please visit Lisa’s coaching website page by clicking here.  For words of wisdom from Lisa on teamwork, visit her leadership website page by clicking here.

With gratitude and best wishes,
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Acting as your trusted advisor, Lisa empowers professionals to use their passion to live their best lives and achieve their goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.



How often are we willing to throw in the towel when things get too hard?  It is more difficult to dig deep inside you and to find a way to turn things around.  Well, that is exactly what the NE Patriots did on Sunday, Feb 6, 2017 at Superbowl 51.  What a game!  It was a nail biter right until the very end.  But Patriots Fan’s stayed strong and kept the faith, even though the first half of the game was disappointing and some people may have had some not so positive things to say about their team.  True fans didn’t waiver.  They knew that the Pat’s could make it back and that they would come from behind.  What other team besides the NE Patriots can come back from a 21-3 score with just half a game to go and managed to secure yet another victory.

The Atlanta Falcons scored a touchdown 2 minutes into the third quarter (right after halftime) but they couldn’t score anymore after that.  The Patriots wiped them out.  How did they do it, the Pats scored a touchdown at the end of the third quarter and missed the extra point.  Then 5 minutes into the fourth quarter the Patriots kicked a field goal.  Then they scored (2) touchdowns and (2) 2 point conversions which tied up the game.  Suddenly the game was tied  28 to 28.  It was anyone’s game.  The crowds roared everywhere.  It was sudden death and the first team to score a touchdown would winThe NE Patriots won the coin toss and they got the final touchdown and ultimately won the game.  It was beautiful!  I watched the game with my extended family and everyone was glued to their seat right to the very end.  We believed in our team and that they would once again take home the Superbowl Trophy.

When you believe in something you put yourself on the line for it.  You believe in it with you brain, your gut and most importantly you believe with your heart.  Many NE Patriots Fans use all of their senses, but most importantly they believed with their hearts.  However, one other lesson that we all learned by watching this game was the ultimate example of Teamwork.  Everybody had to play their positions and they had to do it seamlessly.  Every NE Patriot’s player had the heart of a winner and none of them ever gave up, they knew what they were capable of accomplishing.  The Falcons had the number one offense in the NFL and the Patriots defense shut them down completely in the 2nd half.  It was amazing to watch.  Football is the ultimate team sport.  Everyone had to do their job together to accomplish this amazing feat.  The NE Patriots are the 5 time winners of the Superbowl.  Boy does it feel great to live in Boston. Boston has become a sports Mecca. It has the best teams and the most supportive fans.  Boston Strong!

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

Acting as your trusted advisor, Lisa empowers professionals to use their passion to live their best lives and achieve their goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.


Happy Holidays!

Both Christmas and Hanukah are just days away.  Whatever you celebrate, enjoy the festivities with your family and friends.  It is not often that both holidays start on the same date.   This year’s Holiday photo (below) is the three of us dressed in Orange after we came back from Punta Cana in March.  There is a second photo uploaded to my website that you can view if you click here.  You will see the entire Tosi family the day that my parents renewed their 50th Wedding Anniversary vows at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston with Cardinal Sean O’Malley.  In addition to the grandparents, the three kids, the two in-laws and all four grandkids went out for dinner.  It was a marvelous day and my parents were very happy.  It is so cute seeing how my dad takes such good care of my mom.  It is a story of true love.




As we approach the New Year, some of you are crafting your resolutions. These resolutions usually include tasks of self-improvement or advancement.  Here are some popular New Year Resolutions:

  1. Eating Healthier
  2. Start working out
  3. Spending quality time with family & friends
  4. Getting more organized
  5. Reading more for enjoyment
  6. Becoming more grateful & happy
  7. Volunteering & donating more
  8. Increasing savings
  9. Traveling to a new country or a new state
  10. Saying no sometimes (You just have to do it)


Now the hard part is to follow through with your resolutions throughout the year.  It is important to make realistic goals and then get a friend, partner or a coach to share your goals with.  This “Accountability Partner” is the key to your achieving success.  It is an excellent way to stay motivated as well.  If I am your accountability partner, I say thank you.  If I am not, ask yourself why not and do you really want to do it on your own.

To help you make goal setting easier, I am again offering a Goal Setting for Success Workshop on January 30th at Constant Contact from 6:30-8:30pm.  My goal at this workshop is for you to leave with a personal, professional and even a gratitude goal to get you going for the rest of the year.  You will have the month of January to prepare on your own and then attend the workshop to polish off your goals before February.  Please come and check it out.  Most people were impressed with John Robert Master of Ceremony qualities.  He has a ball participating in the evening.

Come to a supportive environment where you will have a chance to think and practice how to write good goals.  The workshop is free, but you can always make a donation to the charity of your choice (Children’s Hospital, Little Hearts, AHA) since part of the workshop will be about gratitude.  We try to practice what we preach.

I would appreciate it if you could register in advance for the workshop using the Sign-up Genius link (click here) .  Light refreshments will be served.

As an added bonus, I would like to share with you a Linked-In Skills webinar presented by myself and David Kauffman in October.  Please click here to access the recording on my website.  Also, I have uploaded the video recording of the “Transitioning into the Medical Device Industry” September 2016 MDG Boston Forum to my website (click here and then scroll to the bottom of the webpage to see the three videos).

It has been another good year, although it went by way too quickly.  I wish all of you the best as you prepare to celebrate your holidays this weekend and as you prepare for and even better 2017. I am here for you!

Good luck and Happy 2017!!

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

Acting as your trusted advisor, Lisa empowers professionals to use their passion to live their best lives and achieve their goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.


November is the Perfect Time to Give Thanks!

It is the right season, Thanksgiving, to remember family, friends and loved ones.  Just let them know how valuable and important they are to you.

Thank You card with pink phlox background and elegant script text.

It is a perfect time for me to thank my clients and my readers for being part of my community.  Please take a moment and think of all the people that you would like to thank for being there for you. Then send them a note or an email that says thank you. You will be surprised how many people’s days you can make.  Show people that you care.  Show people that you appreciate them, show people that they are loved.

Thank you to all 200+ of you that went to the “Transitioning into Medical Device Event” on Sept 28th. If you missed it, links to the video are now available on my website (click here).  Also, I appreciate the 25 special guests and the 3 outstanding panelists (Nancy, Vincent and David) that were present.  It was an amazing evening.  What a way to celebrate a 10th Anniversary Event!

Since the event, I have welcomed 7 new people into my coaching community.  A big welcome to: Katherine, Nick, Beth, Irma, Maureen, Katharina, Sarah and Kathleen.

If you are considering my services everyone starts out with a Discovery Session. Click here to learn more about this process.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My free call this month in honor of Thanksgiving is on Wed. Nov 23rd at 12 noon.  It is on Interview skills.  Details for the call can be found below.  It is a complementary call to anyone on this list and I hope that you will join me.

Wed, Nov 23, 2016 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EASTERN TIME
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United States +1-712-832-8300
Access Code: 487529,

As an additional thank you, I have posted a recording of last month’s workshop, “Linked-In Tips and Tricks”, for you to view at your leisure.  I hope you enjoy the video, everyone that attended found it to be of value and thought they learned something they could apply.  Please click here to access the recording.

Wishing you and your family a great Thanksgiving!  Family time is a special time.  This is a special holiday weekend, spend it with people you care about, enjoy and appreciate.

With gratitude and best wishes,
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker    (781) 872-1045

Acting as your trusted advisor, Lisa empowers professionals to use their passion to live their best lives and achieve their goals with confidence, accountability, gratitude and balance.